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Canadian Titles (87 series)

Hockey Numbers  

The companion volume to our bestselling, Blue Spruce Award winner, Z is for Zamboni: A Hockey Alphabet. Like our alphabet series our counting books are written in a two-tier format with charming poems for young readers and expository text for older readers. Young sports fans see numbers everywhere - the scoreboard, the retired jerseys in the rafters, the numerology of sports stats - and Hat Tricks Count: A Hockey Number Book delivers them faster than an assist from the Great One, number 99 himse

I Spy With My Little Eye  

These visual puzzle books challenge the deductiveskills and sharp eyes of young readers.Dual look-alike photographs are filled with sportsitems and memorabilia. But one of the scenes ineach photo pair has been slightly altered. Can yousee the changes? How many can you find? Clueshelp young fans and seasoned veterans spot thedifferences.

Immigration to Canada: Then and Now (Coast 2 Coast 2 Coast)  

Books in this series will each examine different groups that have immigrated to Canada throughout Canadian history, including when, where, and why they settled. What was life like for immigrants when they arrived, and how did it change for subsequent generations? Books will also explore the groups' contributions to Canadian society and culture, and highlight key figures from history.

Indigenous Communities in Canada (True North)  

Approximately 1.4 million Indigenous people live in Canada today. They come from a large number of communities, each with its own history, language, and cultural practices. Indigenous Communities in Canada will explore the lives of Indigenous people, both in the past and in current times.

Indigenous Life in Canada: Past, Present, Future (Coast 2 Coast 2 Coast)  

Indigenous peoples have played an influential role in Canadian history and continue to do so today. From the past and into the future, Indigenous Life in Canada reveals the challenges Indigenous peoples face, celebrates their diverse cultures, and highlights the contributions they make in Canada.

Indigenous Peoples’ Contributions to Canada (True North)  

This series will examine the contributions of Indigenous Peoples to Canada, in the topic areas given. The books will touch on the contributions of individuals, such as famous or noteworthy Indigenous People who contributed in these areas, as well as more general ideas or events, such as the sport of lacrosse in the Sports book.

J is for Jump Shot  

From the first jump ball and its humble beginnings at a YMCA to the final buzzer and glamour of the professional league, basketball fundamentals and terms are explained.

J'adore le sport  

Ces livres sur le sport encouragent les enfants actifs à lire et les enfants qui aiment lire à faire du sport. Grâce à ces ouvrages, les jeunes lecteurs apprennent les bases de chaque sport et acquièrent suffisamment de connaissances pour pouvoir suivre une compétition. Chaque titre de cette collection comprend des textes et des photos mettant en scène des garçons et des filles, un schéma du terrain ou du lieu de compétition, ainsi qu'un glossaire photographique des mots propres au sport en ques

K is for Kick  

Where is the world’s largest soccer ball?What is a “header” and how many times is it used in an average game? K is for Kick details every facet of the game of soccer from Pelé to passing.

La vie autochtone au Canada : au passé, au présent et au futur (Côte à côte à côte)  

Les peuples autochtones ont joué un rôle influent dans l’histoire du Canada, et ils maintiennent leur rôle encore aujourd’hui. En observant du passé vers l’avenir, la série La vie autochtone au Canada révèle les défis que doivent surmonter les peuples autochtones, célèbre leur diversité culturelle et souligne leur contribution dans l’établissement du Canada.