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Canadian Titles (212 series)

Everyday Hero  

Alice doesn't like noise, smells or strangers. She does like rules. Lots of rules. Nobody at her new school knows she has Asperger's, so it doesn't take long for her odd behaviour to get her into trouble. When she meets Megan in detention, she doesn't know what to make of her. Megan doesn't smell, she's not terribly noisy, and she's not exactly a stranger, but is she a friend? Megan seems fearless to Alice, but also angry or maybe sad. Alice isn't sure which. When Megan decides to run away, Alic

Examining Canadian Energy  

What energy sources did humans use in the past? What sources help meet Canada’s and the world’s energy requirements today? How do we balance our energy needs with protecting the environment? Examining Canadian Energy answers all these questions and more. Each book in this compelling series takes readers on a fact-finding mission, posing an initial challenge and concluding with questions and answers. Through engaging, interactive scenarios, learners can experiment with text prediction, purpose-dr

Explorateurs en herbe  

Oiseaux, arbres, pierres, graines... Il y a tant de miracles de la nature juste devant chez toi! Cette collection aide le jeune lecteur à développer ses compétences en lecture tout en explorant le monde qui l'entoure. Ces livres offrent à l'enfant une expérience de lecture captivante et stimulante grâce à un vocabulaire adapté à son âge, des textes répétitifs et de magnifiques photos. La collection Explorateurs en herbe comprend des outils pour les enseignants ainsi que quelques éléments classiq

Fabulous Feathers in Her Hair  

A gentle picture book that tackles a difficult subject, Fabulous Feathers in her Hair is a wonderfully moving account of the friendship between two little girls. When one of them dies and goes away forever, the friend who is left behind cries because forever hurts her heart. Ultimately positive and uplifting, Fabulous Feathers in her Hair ends on a reassuring note and demonstrates how the love between two best friends lives on even when one of them is gone.

Fault Lines: Understanding the Power of Earthquakes  

This fully illustrated, nonfiction book for middle readers focuses on earthquakes, how they happen and what you need to know

Fernando's Fun-tastic Friends  

Fernando is the new boy at school. His new friends want him to join their fitness fun club, but Fernando would rather read comic books, play video games, and watch Frankenstein movies. What will become of Fernando?Follow Fernando as he finds out how healthy living can be fun-tastic!

First Times  

A picture book that celebrates the important adventures children experience as they grow.

Florence & Leon  

A touching story about a friendship where differences become strengths and a length of straw brings two people together.

Forensics Squad Unleashed  

Tabitha is thrilled to be attending a summer forensics camp, even if she has to go with her sort-of friend Mason. Soon she is learning to dust for fingerprints, photograph a crime scene and take footprint impressions. Even though the camp instructors have set up a ôcrimeö for the kids to solve, Tabitha longs to use her newfound skills to solve a real-life mystery. She's pretty sure a dognapping ring is active in her Montreal neighbourhood, and when her beloved dog, Roxie, is stolen, she convince

Freddie's Problem  

Freddie the frog was in a mess due to his impulsiveness.Will he learn his lesson well? Only time will really tell. Freddie, a young frog in the pond, has a healthy appetite for flies. No one warned him what would happen if he ate too many. Freddie's humorous attempts to rid himself of the bothersome gas bubbles in his belly will bring giggles to anyone who appreciates silliness.