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Canadian Titles (205 series)

Explorers of Canada (Expedition)  

Follow in the footsteps of some of Canada's greatest explorers in this high-interest series. Each title chronicles the timeline of an explorer, explains the motivation behind their journey, and examines their relationship with Indigenous Peoples. A combination of modern and historic maps and colourful images highlight the places visited and discovered by these adventurers.

Fault Lines: Understanding the Power of Earthquakes  

This fully illustrated, nonfiction book for middle readers focuses on earthquakes, how they happen and what you need to know

First Times  

A picture book that celebrates the important adventures children experience as they grow.

Florence & Leon  

A touching story about a friendship where differences become strengths and a length of straw brings two people together.

Forensics Squad Unleashed  

Tabitha is thrilled to be attending a summer forensics camp, even if she has to go with her sort-of friend Mason. Soon she is learning to dust for fingerprints, photograph a crime scene and take footprint impressions. Even though the camp instructors have set up a ôcrimeö for the kids to solve, Tabitha longs to use her newfound skills to solve a real-life mystery. She's pretty sure a dognapping ring is active in her Montreal neighbourhood, and when her beloved dog, Roxie, is stolen, she convince

Golden Mask, The  

Howard and Cate travel through time in this fantasy novel for middle-grade readers.

Good Night, Forest  

Even the forest has to sleep! This sweet walk through the forest says good night to flora and fauna alike, from the quiet bunny to the howling coyote. With silly, colourful illustrations and soft rhyme that is sure to lull little ones off to sleep, this will be a favourite bedtime pick.

Good Night, Library  

Even the library has to sleep! This calming bedtime story says good night to the library and all the fun it holds--from books and story time to computers and comics. A charming ode to everyone's favourite community space and a perfect good night for budding book lovers.

Good Night, Reindeer  

Christmas is coming and it's time to get a full night's rest at the North Pole. Santa checks in on all his reindeer to make sure they're tucked in for the night. All the lights are out, except one . . .Good night, Rudolph! Told in simple rhyme, this is a perfect bedtime story for children who just can't wait for Christmas morning.

Graines de savoir: les métiers au service des autres  

Bonjour, Messieurs et Mesdames les dentistes! Bonjour, Messieurs et Mesdames les enseignants! La collection Graines de savoir offre à nos plus jeunes lecteurs une parfaite introduction aux aides communautaires bien utiles. Écrite d'un ton sympathique et jovial, illustrée de nombreuses photos, cette collection adaptée aux plus jeunes nous explique comment ces métiers sont utiles à toute la communauté. Cette collection documentaire sème les premières graines de savoir!