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Canadian Titles (205 series)

Graines de savoir: Les planètes  

Bonjour, Jupiter et Neptune! Bonjour, Mercure et Vénus! La collection Graines de savoir offre à nos plus jeunes lecteurs une parfaite introduction aux huit planètes de notre système solaire. Écrite d'un ton sympathique et jovial, illustrée de nombreuses photos, cette collection adaptée aux plus jeunes constitue un premier contact avec les noms et les caractéristiques des planètes, ainsi qu'avec leur position par rapport au Soleil. Chaque ouvrage s'achève sur une photo accompagnée de mots-clés qu

Great Canadian Road Trip, The (Expedition)  

Get ready to explore Canada like never before-from coast to coast to coast. This highly visual series takes readers on a road trip across the Canadian provinces and territories. Visit major cities, and head off the beaten path to explore the people, environment, foods, cultures, and history of each region. Detours add fun trivia and jokes to the road trip, while maps show the route travelled.

H is for Hockey: A NHL Alumni Alphabet  

Where was the first organized indoor hockey game played? When did the tradition of engravingwinners’ names on the Stanley Cup start? Which six brothers collectively played in more than 5,000 NHL games? Answers to these questions and many more can be found in H is for Hockey: An NHLAlumni Alphabet.

H is for Home Run  

Readers are pitched baseball’s facts, faces, history, and places in this A-Z “home plate” view of America’s favorite pastime. Topics include game basics and famous players.

H is for Horse  

From basics such as mucking out a stall and how to judge a horses qualities to the history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, horse-lovers of all ages are given A-Z fundamentals.

Harry's Hiccups  

Poor Harry can't get rid of his hiccups in this charming picture book written by Jean Little.

Healthy Kids Canada (True North)  

Books in this series deliver key information about current issues facing Canadian kids, the impact that it has, and where to turn for help. Emphasis on how to deal with each issue, who to talk to, and what help is available.

Hit the Ground Running  

In this novel for teens, Dee and her younger brother, Eddie, make a run for the Canadian border when their father disappears and social workers start snooping around their Arizona home.

Hockey Numbers  

The companion volume to our bestselling, Blue Spruce Award winner, Z is for Zamboni: A Hockey Alphabet. Like our alphabet series our counting books are written in a two-tier format with charming poems for young readers and expository text for older readers. Young sports fans see numbers everywhere - the scoreboard, the retired jerseys in the rafters, the numerology of sports stats - and Hat Tricks Count: A Hockey Number Book delivers them faster than an assist from the Great One, number 99 himse

How Far We Go and How Fast  

In this novel for teens, Jolene copes with her brother's disappearance by playing his guitars and shutting herself away from the world.