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Ancient Egyptian Wonders

This series introduces readers to some of the most wondrous aspects of early Egyptian life and civilization—making use of ancient texts, recent discoveries, and expert commentary wherever possible.

Animal Adaptations (First Step Nonfiction)

Designed for begining readers, Animal Adaptations inroduces the concepts of adaptation and habitat. Each title presents the animals found in a specific habitat and invites young readers to explore how the animals are adapted to their surroundings.

Animal Close-Ups (Lightning Bolt Books™)

These books bring to life a wide range of animals from bears to bats. In each title, young readers will discover the animals’ physical characteristics, habitat, behaviors, and life cycle. The conversational text prompts readers to answer questions, observe photos carefully, and begin to understand different animals.

Animal Groups Are CATegorical®

The Animal Groups Are CATegorical series uses rhyming text and humorous illustrations to introduce young readers to the six major animal groups—mammals, reptiles, birds, insects, amphibians, and fish. Each title playfully highlights the key characteristics of the featured animal group and offers many examples of animals in that group.

Animals Grow Up (21st Century Basic Skills Library)

This series supports the development of reading skills as they introduce students to vocabulary and content they will use for a lifetime. Let young readers discover the joy of reading for information as they build reading fluency.This level 1 guided reader introduces young students to the concept of time while supporting the development of reading skills.

Awesome Inventions You Use Every Day

What would you do without deodorant, Band-Aids, or flushable toilets? Can you imagine living in a world with no television, and no microwave popcorn to eat while you watch it? We might take these items for granted now, but they haven't always been around. Some were centuries in the making. Others were created purely by accident. This fun series reveals the mistakes, coincidences, controversies, and sheet craziness that brought us our modern conveniences and everyday essentials—from your basic sa

Baby Zoo Animals (21st Century Basic Skills Library)

Baby animals always draw big crowds at the zoo. The fascinating facts and adorable photos in these books give students a close look at some of the most amazing animals in the world. They will discover how these baby animals learn and grow, what they eat, and how they socialize with each other.

Basic Tools (21st Century Junior Library)

From the simplest household chores to the most complex construction projects, basic handheld tools are used for almost everything. Readers will learn how some of the most common tools work, what they are used for, and how different variations can help with specialized tasks.

Big Birthday

Annabelle is determined to have a birthday party that stands out from the rest. The moon seems like the perfect spot! But wearing spacesuits and partying in a place with no air creates some challenges that Annabelle didn't expect. Will her out-of-this-world birthday still be a blast?

Big Bouffant

Young Annabelle is distraught. There are so many boring, uniform hairstyles on the first day of school! With inspiration from her grandma and some help from her mom, Annabelle finds the perfect hairdo to help her stand out—a big bouffant.