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Digital Products (18 series)

Bienvenue en Nouvelle-France  

La fondation du Canada est remplie de périls et de défis. Les livres de la série Bienvenue en Nouvelle-France fournissent un regard complet sur ce qu'était la vie en Nouvelle-France. Les lecteurs apprendront comment se déroulaient la prospection et l'installation des colonies, et à quoi ressemblait la vie durant cette période historique, qui s'étend du début des années 1500 jusqu'au XIXe siècle.

Canada Turns 150  

Journey through 150 years of Canadian history in this celebratory series. Canada Turns 150 highlights important people and events that helped shape the nation between 1867 and 2017. Readers will explore key moments in politics, social issues, sports, arts, conflicts, and more.

Canada's Hockey Teams  

No two hockey teams are the same, and this series highlights the qualities that make each Canadian team special through short, punchy sections that leave readers with no shortage of material for playground trivia. With sections ranging from the vital to the obscure, and from short stories to single stat lines, the content comes together to tell the whole story of your favourite hockey team in a fun and engaging way.

Canadian Families (True North)  

Canadians come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Many parts of our lives are similar to those of neighbours, but we might do other things very differently. Canadian Families explores the different ways that people from diverse backgrounds live their day-to-day lives.

Canadian Structures (True North)  

From coast to coast, Canada is filled with marvels of modern-day architecture and engineering. Canadian Structures takes readers on a tour of different structures across the country, exploring where, how, and why they were built. Readers also will learn more about the scientific and technological forces acting upon the structure.

Former Soviet union, The: Then and Now

Historical perspective on the republics that once made up the Soviet Union and the choices and challenges that have shaped where they are today is the focus of The Former Soviet Union: Then and Now. All books in the series examine important political, economic, and cultural events during the Soviet period and since the Soviet Union’s collapse. Challenges that lie ahead are also explored.

Indigenous Communities in Canada (True North)  

Approximately 1.4 million Indigenous people live in Canada today. They come from a large number of communities, each with its own history, language, and cultural practices. Indigenous Canadian Communities in Canada will explore the lives of Indigenous people, both in the past and in current times.

Les communautés autochtones canadiennes  

Environ 1,4ámillion d'autochtones vivent aujourd'hui au Canada. Ils proviennent de plusieurs grandes communautés, chacune d'elle ayant sa propre histoire, sa propre langue et ses propres pratiques culturelles. Les livres de la série Les communautés autochtones canadiennes explorent la vie de ces citoyens autochtones, leur passé comme leur présent.

Les familles canadiennes  

Les Canadiens viennent d'horizons divers. Bien des éléments de nos vies sont semblables à ceux de nos voisins, mais plusieurs autres peuvent être très différents. Les livres de la série Les familles canadiennes explorent les différentes façons de vivre au quotidien de ces gens d'origine diverse.

Next-Generation Medical Technology

Advances in medical technology are reshaping the practice of medicine and helping people live longer, healthier lives. The Next-Generation Medical Technology series examines all of these ideas and events. Real-world examples, fully documented quotes, and side bars add insight and interest to this fascinating subject.