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Sale Titles (12 series)

At Issue

Books in this anthology series focus a wide range of viewpoints onto a single controversial issue, providing in-depth discussions by leading advocates. Articles are printed in their entirety and footnotes and source notes are retained. These books offer the reader not only a full spectrum of dissent on the subject, but also the ability to test the validity of arguments by following up on sources used as evidence. Extensive bibliographies and annotated lists of relevant organizations to contact o

Big Beasts

They say good things come in small packages, but this series about the biggest beasts on earth puts that adage to the test. Young readers can check out the biggest mammals on land and in the sea, including such oddities as a gigantic cat and a massive bird, among others. Up-close, dynamic photos show these big beasts in their habitats and simple text explains how these animals survive in the wild.


Buckle up and hold tight! This series explores the fastest machines in the world, from bullet trains to sleek jet planes. Vibrant design and close-up photography will excite even the most reluctant readers. Easy-to-read text centers on information about the latest technology. Start your engines!

Find Your Talent

These fact-packed books give creative young people all the advice and encouragement they need to make their first steps in exciting, aspirational fields like filmmaking and songwriting. The no-nonsense text style demystifies difficult techniques and gives plenty of tips and tricks about how to achieve fantastic DIY results.

Fundamental Physics

This series teaches that physics is not just a topic in school but a factor in our daily lives responsible for the electicity, colours, and sounds around us, and ruling even the movements and positioning of the solar system.

Healthy for Life

The Healthy for Life series introduces readers to exciting sports that can be part of a healthy and active lifestyle. These engaging titles promote good physical health for students while examining issues from why exercise is important to how leadership is used in sports.

Marvels and Mysteries  

This series explores the weird, the marvelous, and the unexplained, featuring an abundance of maps, photographs, and illustrations that help introduce readers to lost treasures, mysterious monuments, notorious pirates, and strange encounters. A fascinating mix of history, myth, and speculation.

Number Fun (Tiger Talk)

This series appeals to readers at their own level, supplying basic information about their world in a way that is friendly, playful and helpful at beginning literacy levels. Questions to the reader create a model for student conversation and inquiry. Number Fun provides young readers with an introduction to counting, shapes and patterns as well as to concepts of size and sorting and describes how these skills are used in their daily lives.