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Freaky Nature

Truth is stranger than fiction, right? Find out where you can uncover real-life vampires and zombies. Learn about crazy mutations, and discover animals with amazing super powers. They may seem like stories from comic books, but you might find these freaky plants and animals in your own backyard.

Gathering Deep

Chloe Sabourin's world was turned upside down three times over when she learned that the unspeakable murders in her native New Orleansùthe ones that nearly claimed the life of her friend Lucyùwere committed by her own mother, the dark witch Thisbe. Moving on from that is the toughest thing she's ever had to do. Now a new series of ritualistic killings suggests that Thisbe is plotting again. Chloe seeks help from the mysterious Mama Legba, even though she's unsure whether or not she can trust the

Happily Ever After

Beautiful princesses, evil queens, dark curses, talking animals, and magical fairy godmothers—they all make for good stories, but what makes fairy tales special? This series introduces the classic elements of the fairy tale genre in doses small enough for young readers to study, helping them to master the form on their own. A concluding fill-in-the-blank story based on the concepts presented throughout each book invites budding writers to customize their own fairy tales and imagine how each epis


When Lucas tested positive for the warrior geneùa genetic abnormality believed to predispose humans to violenceùhe was shipped off to the Bake Shop, an impregnable government facility. There, he underwent a battery of psychological tests aimed at making him crack. Now, labeled safe to return to normal life, he's ready to put the horrific experience behind him. Then the van transporting him home is forced off the road by a group of rebels who insist there's more going on at the facility than anyo

Healthy for Life

The Healthy for Life series introduces readers to exciting sports that can be part of a healthy and active lifestyle. These engaging titles promote good physical health for students while examining issues from why exercise is important to how leadership is used in sports.

Hero Worship

ôThis is a superhero story for the post-punk era: Live fast, die young, and take over the world.öùKirkus Reviews Marvin Maywood only wants one thing in lifeùto join the heroes of the Core. But he can't follow his dream because his powers are fed by fear, which is against the Core's standards. So he lives on the streets and watches the elite team of costumed crime fighters from afar. After Marvin performs an illegal act of heroism, he meets Roisin, one of the Core's heroes, and it seems like his

Ice Age Mega Beasts

Long ago, massive animals roamed the earth. During the last Ice Age, even as glaciers encroached on their homes, some of the beasts survived. Examining fossil remains for clues, scientists have learned how these Ice Age Mega Beasts lived in the harsh climate. In language fit for emerging readers, this series looks at predators and prey alike, surveying the diets, habitats, and strengths of each animal, as well as how its species ultimately succumbed to the changing environment.

If You Wrong Us

After a car crash steals the lives of two people they love, Becca and Johnny become obsessed with a common cause. Officially, the crash is an accident. But Becca and Johnny are convinced: someone did this. As they plot revenge against the person responsible, a bondùintense, unyielding, and manicùtakes hold of them. And in an unexpected turn of events, they fall for each other. Or so they think. In an upside-down world where decay is beautiful and love and hate become one, Becca and Johnny find t

In My Backyard

When you gaze out your windows, do you ever see a squirrel flicking its tail? How about a robin with a worm dangling from its beak? The animals in our neighbourhoods may be obvious or rarely seen, but they live among us and contribute to each microhabitat. In My Backyard takes a closer look at six common creatures, exploring their life cycles and habits and noting their typical interactions with human neighbours. An activity at the end of each book encourages creative expression and critical thi


When Tavin Barnes escaped Eden City with Khaya, the Word of Life, he became a most-wanted fugitive overnight. But he never expected his flight would end with the ultimate curse: becoming the next Word of Death. Now he's a prisoner inside the Athenaeum, where his new life under the Godspeakers' control has begun. As the Word of Death, Tavin can kill with a touch, an ability he must learn to harness or risk hurting the people he cares for. But Ryse, the Godspeaker charged with Tavin's training, is