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Construction Machines (Dash!)

Books about cool construction machines are always picked up by readers. But these titles are written for readers who are getting a bit more comfortable with new words and harder, but still simple, sentence structures. This series will challenge beginning readers to take on more and help emerging readers move to the next level. This series is at a Level 2 and is written specifically for emerging readers.

Construction Vehicles (Cody Koala)

This series introduces early readers to the most recognizable construction vehicles. Each book details the purpose and parts of each vehicle. Through critical thinking questions and fun facts, students will gain a better appreciation for the role of these vehicles in building.

Contemporary Issues

The Contemporary Issues series will give readers a better understanding of many of today's major social issues. Each book examines four key questions related to a controversial topic, with essays that detail the most commonly heard arguments on bothsides of the discussion. The arguments contained within are supported by data from experts as well as nonpartisan reports, allowing the reader to make his or her own informed decision on the issue.


This series introduces early readers to the seven continents of our world. Students learn about the climate, landforms, plants, animals, and people of each continent. Labelled maps and fun facts further young readers' learning.

Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck

Introduce readers to food literacy with the help of Sesame Street's Cookie Monster, Chef Gonger, and their foodie truck! Browseable layout includes recipes, the basics of healthy eating, where food comes from, and table manners.

Cool Careers (Torque)

What's your dream job? Certain careers capture the hearts and imaginations of people from a young age. But what do astronauts and race car drivers really do? This high-interest series digs into the daily life of these careers, from tasks and goals to experience and training. Sidebars profile famous people in each career, and outline career paths and day-to-day tasks. Find out if your dream career is really as cool as it seems!

Cool Careers In Science

Science careers are cool! Where else do you have the opportunity to develop computer games and apps, pilot drones, help create wind and solar power technologies, solve crimes, build robots, and design roller-coasters and driverless cars? A science career puts you at the cutting edge of innovations that will change the world as we know it. Cool Careers in Science covers ten cutting-edge careers, including many subspecialties, and offers numerous suggestions on how to explore science careers while still in school.

Cool Castles and Palaces (Pogo Books)

What famous castle is said to have inspired the castle at Walt Disney World? How many rooms does the Palace of Versailles have? Readers will find these answers and more as they learn about the history, secrets, architecture, and specific rooms of some of the world's most elaborate castles and palaces. Real, behind-the-scenes photographs allows readers a peak inside the castle or palace walls, while infographics and side bars provide the information they're dying to know about the rooms or kings who inhabited them.

Core Content Science-Animal Superpowers

Animal Superpowers will help readers compare species that have unique sensory and physical attributes to help them survive. By exploring the unique features of each animal readers will learn about the diversity of life on Earth. Simple vocabulary and a lively, humorous presentation of facts combine with eye-popping photos to grab young readers. Aligns to curriculum for learning about different animals as well as compare and contrast analysis.

Core Content Science-Animal Top Ten

Packed with unusual and unexpected facts about a variety of animals, this book is sure to attract readers' attention. Eye-popping photos add to each book's appeal and draw readers in to learn more about the creatures that share our planet.