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Science Questions

This series offers simple explanations to some of kids' most pressing science-related questions. Students learn about the basic science behind flight, rainbows, migration, and more. labelled diagrams and fun facts further young readers' learning.

Science Squad

Welcome to the Science Squad, a citizen science organization for curious kids who love nature and science! Follow along as Squad members journal their efforts to make a difference in the world around them.

Science Starters

Inspire and encourage budding scientists with these early guides to basic STEM concepts. From simple machines to electricity and magnetism, take readers on a journey to discover how the world works.

Science Storybooks

Simple presentation of key introductory science principles makes this series ideal for emergent readers. Each book includes questions and an activity to encourage learning, engagement and independent thinking.

Scoop McLaren

These fast-paced detective stories star top-notch editor, Scoop McLaren, and her friend and roving reporter, Evie Andrews. Together they solve mysteries and help people while writing their incredible online newspaper. Armed with a list of suspects, Scoop and Evie set out on mission to discover the truth in this action-packed series.

Sea of Kings

When their island kingdom falls under siege, royal brothers Noa and Dagan must follow a magical map and confront the legendary one-eyed pirate before evil takes over their world.

Seahorses Are Sold Out

Mika's father works from home and he's very busy! When Dad allows Mika to choose a pet from the store, Mika chooses a mouse. Then a dog. Then a seal. And then a penguin . . .

Seal Child

A little girl and a young seal pup are separated from their families after a devastating storm. The daunting task of finding their families again is not quite so scary when they are together.

Season Ticket

Grab a front-row seat to your favourite sports league. Season Ticket uses engaging and informative storytelling to take readers into the past, present, and future of the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB. With chapters exploring historic moments, game-changing figures, today's most exciting superstars, and other league dynamics, Season Ticket is your all access pass to sports!

Season Ticket: Teams

Grab a front-row seat to the world's top sports franchises with Season Ticket: Teams. This series uses engaging and informative storytelling to take readers into the past, present, and future of their favourite teams. With chapters exploring historic moments, team traditions, game-changing figures, and today's hottest superstars, Season Ticket: Teams is your all-access pass to the most iconic franchises in sports!