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Crayola® Seasons

The blue of the summer sky, orange leaves in fall. Celebrate the colors of the seasons with this charming Crayola® series. Vibrant photos and lyrical text encourage readers to notice colour in the real world. Illustrations demonstrate art techniques and encourage readers to create art inspired by the seasonal colours around them. A special feature shows the Crayola® colours that can be found in the photos throughout the book.

Crayola® Wild World of Animal Colors

What colours do animals use to give a warning? To hide themselves? To attract another animal? Explore the wide ranging use of color in the animal world. Vibrant photos pair with easy-reading text to support young readers. A back matter feature showcases the Crayola® colors that can be found in the animal imagery throughout the book.

Crunch and Crack, Oink and Whack!: An Onomatopoeia Story

Rhyming verse from Brian P. Cleary presents the fictional Clip-Clop Elementary School's celebration of "Onomatopoeia Day." Enthusiastic young students make their way from band room (Rattle! Boom! Twang!) to the gym (Whiff! Whack! Swish!) to the science lab (Hiss! Spurt! Ding!) and beyond. Brief back matter offers additional examples.

Cutting-Edge STEM (Searchlight Books™)

Explore the fascinating details and latest news on the hottest tech topics, including virtual reality, 3D printing, robotics, and more. Photos, screenshots, and accessible text highlight the work of cutting-edge scientists and engineers. Plus, discover what the future might hold for these exciting new technologies.

Cyber Nation: How the Digital Revolution Is Changing Society

Digital technology now connects people to each other and to all the world's information everywhere, at all times. This is changing the way people meet each other, fall in love, find jobs, learn new skills, take in news and entertainment, and build personal identities. Learn what these changes mean for society now and in the future.

Dear Professor Whale

Now that Professor Whale has retired, he writes many letters to "You Whoever You Are Who Lives on the Other Side of the Horizon." Seal and Pelican are busy delivering the letters and Penguin is now teaching. Although he is happy his friends are doing so well, Whale wants a special friend; someone who will call him just Whale instead of "Professor.

Death Eaters

What happens to bodies after death? Nature's army of death eaters steps in to take care of clean up. This high-interest science text dives into the science behind how bodies decompose.

Debating History

With the passage of time, the controversies that shaped historic events sometimes fade. The Debating History series focuses on those controversies as a way to gain a fuller understanding of history. Chapters are organized in pro/con format, in which a single author synthesizes arguments for and against a particular issue. Some of these essays are written from the point of view of someone who lived during the period; others are examined from a more current perspective. In all cases, important ideas are supported by relevant facts, quotes, and examples. Focus questions at the beginning of each essay provide added critical thinking exercises for students.

Deep Space Discovery (Bolt)

It's time to go where no human and few robots have gone before. It's time for Deep Space Discovery. This series explores everything from the sun and other stars to the vast galaxies they make up. With up-to-date content, infographics, and closely levelled text, this series will have reluctant readers reaching for more.