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Timeline Science and Technology

A visual history of the inventions, discoveries and technology that have shaped our world.

Tinfoil Crowns

Seventeen-year-old internet video star Fit will do anything to become famous, sharing everything about herself with her fans. But there's one thing her fans don't know: when Fit was three-years-old, her mother tried to kill her. Themes: LGBTQ+, Performing Arts, Family, Parents.

Tiny Woman's Coat, The

In this vibrant, rhyming tale of resourcefulness and friendship, the tiny woman makes a coat of leaves to keep herself warm with the help of trees, geese, porcupine, and other friends.

Tip and Tucker (I Am A Reader!)

Meet Tip and Tucker! These hamsters are best friends and like to stick together. But while little Tip is sometimes nervous about new situations, Tucker likes to explore and see new things.

Tip and Tucker (I Am A Reader)

Meet Tip and Tucker! These hamsters are best friends and like to stick together. But while little Tip is sometimes nervous about new situations, Tucker likes to explore and see new things.

Tiptoe Into Scary Places

Give young readers even more of the spooky stories they crave! Explore haunted islands, freaky farms, playgrounds, and more! Each one of these ghostly books will grab readers with an icy grip and send chills racing down their spines! Warning! These books contain spooky content.

To the Limit

Teens on extreme sports adventures face life-or-death situations when something goes wrong with their gear or the weather. To survive, they must rely on their athletic skills and quick thinking.

Today Is Different

Standing together makes all of us stronger. Mai, a young Hmong girl, and Kiara, a young Black girl, are best friends. They do everything together-riding the bus, eating lunch, playing at recess. But one day Kiara misses school and Mai goes looking for answers. When she learns that her best friend is protesting an act of police violence against the Black community, Mai decides to join the protest too. Her parents at first want to protect her by keeping her at home, but she shows them that standing together makes all of us stronger.Written by author and actor Doua Moua, who played Po in Disney's live-action Mulan, this picture book provides an inspiring look at the value of allyship and solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

Together We Can: Pandemic (21st Century Junior Library)

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced many changes into children's lives. Books in the Together We Can: Pandemic series addresses those changes and gives actionable suggestions to help young readers adapt and cope as we navigate the current outbreak. These books include science content, based on current CDC recommendations, as well as social emotional content to help with personal wellness and development of empathy. All books in the 21st Century Junior Library encourage readers to think critically and creatively, and use their problem-solving skills. Book includes table of contents, sidebars, glossary, index, and author biography.

Tom l'entraîneur (Blossoms Beginning Readers: Level 3)  

Tom l’entraîneur travaille avec les animaux du zoo pour les aider à apprendre des habiletés fondamentales. Ce n’est pas toujours facile. Parfois, les animaux ne veulent pas apprendre. Mais avec les conseils, les trucs et les directives bienveillantes de Tom l’entraîneur, les animaux du zoo sont assurés de donner le meilleur d’eux-m-mes. Les jeunes lecteurs qui apprennent plusieurs de ces habiletés s’identifieront aux animaux du zoo alors qu’ils commencent à apprendre de nouvelles façons de voir la vie et les relations. Chaque livre comprend une page à l’intention des enseignants, des parents et des gardiens qui suggère des questions d’orientation de lecture et des tâches d’écriture visant à faciliter la compréhension.