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Too Cute! (Blastoff! Beginners)

Spend time with some aww-dorable babies in this series for beginning readers! Simple, predictable text and cute, colourful photos support students just starting to read on their own. Readers will learn basic facts about each baby including favourite foods and how they play. Features show the animals at each life stage and reinforce facts from the text. Young readers will love growing with favourite animal babies in this series that is simply too cute!

Too Many Pigs in the Pool

On Sunday, Mr. Jenkins welcomes one pig into his pool (as a guest of his neighbour Ms. Peal, who's brought along her famous seven layer dip as well). Really, how much trouble could one little pig be? But one pig becomes two and two become four... And by Saturday there are just TOO MANY PIGS IN THE POOL! This funny math-based story will have readers laughing along with pigs Percy and Wanda while learning about multiplication and the doubling sequence.

Top Doodle Dog Breeds (Stingray High/Lo)  

In this Hi-Lo series, readers will learn about one of the top crossbreeds. Adorable images of Doodles and simple text engage reluctant readers. Each book features the quiz ôAm I Ready to Be a Dog Owner,ö glossary, and comprehension questions.

Top High School Sports (Crabtree Branches)  

Ready to take a shot at making the high school team? The TOP HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS series has information on the basic rules of different sports, the teams and positions, and the gear you’ll need to perform your best. Study hard and practice hard and soon you'll have the skills to help make your team a winning team. Comprehension questions included for reading at home and teacher notes included for further learning. Downloadable Teacher’s Guide available.

Top Trade Careers (Crabtree Branches)  

What kind of work do you think would interest you? Whether you are interested in helping others, making outside spaces more beautiful, or want to know what it takes to manage a large network of computers, this series will give you an idea what education and skills you will need for various careers. Comprehension questions are included for reading at home and teacher notes are included for further learning. Downloadable Teacher’s Guide available.


When Jo, a headstrong maintenance technician, makes a mistake that destabilizes her planet's core, she knows only one way to fix things: leaving her underground home for a trip to the planet's dangerous, unruly surface.

Totally Twins

Persephone and Portia live with their wacky mom, Skye, who is a yoga teacher and laughter therapist. Though the girls look the same, they're very different on the inside. This often leads to problems!


Intrepid adventurer Amelia finally gets a chance to explore the legendary island of Toucania, following in her grandfather's footsteps. There she will get to observe the strange creatures that he used to tell her about as she drifted to sleep. Belicorns, chimpanthers and firebats have filled her dreams for years and now she has a chance to see them for herself. But Amelia must get to the island quickly! Otherwise Toucania will soon vanish back into the dense fog that keeps it hidden for decades at a time.

Tout petit toi  

Cet album cartonné poétique destiné aux bébés et aux bambins célèbre tous les enfants et la joie que les bébés apportent dans le monde. Album cartonné destiné aux bébés et aux bambins qui rend hommage, avec tendresse, à l'enfant à l'intérieur de chacun. Grâce à ses illustrations contemporaines adorables, Tout petit toi est un ouvrage parfait pour être regardé, lu à voix haute ou même chanté à tous les petits qui vous entourent à ou qui partageront votre vie bientôt!

Tout sur les animaux  

Pourquoi les chiens remuent-ils la queue? Les oiseaux peuvent-ils parler? Adorablement mignons, les animaux de compagnie sont une source constante de divertissement et de plaisir. Engagez la curiosité naturelle des enfants à propos du comportement des animaux de compagnie, du langage corporel et même de la formation dans un format de questions-réponses amusant qui renforce les compétences de recherche. Un séjour curieux! des modèles de fonction permettent de rechercher des compétences tandis que des infographies simples soutiennent la littératie visuelle.