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Spot Sports

Young sports fans will love learning more about their favourite games! In this series a search-and-find feature guides early readers as they learn new vocabulary pertaining to different sport fundamentals, player positions, and rules. Carefully chosen photos and words are sure to captivate kindergarteners and other readers, alike!

Spot the Differences (Bullfrog Books)

Can you spot the differences? Readers will learn to distinguish common animals while learning about their appearances, habitats, and behaviours with this fun, interactive series! Carefully levelled text relays information about both animals and asks readers to name which is shown in the photos. Answers appear upside down on the bottom of each page, making reading for learning easy and fun.

Spot Wild Cats

Animal lovers will pounce on these levelled readers about furry, fantastic wildcats. A search-and-find feature helps early readers learn new vocabulary about body parts, habitat, and behaviour. Support visual literacy with awesome photography, photo clues, and an answer key.

Spotlight on Climate Change (Searchlight Books™)

From causes and consequences to solutions and more, readers will learn up-to-date information about an important and evolving topic: climate change. A back matter feature encourages kids to take action against climate change.

Spots and Stripes (Crabtree Blossoms: Level 4)  

Spots is a playful Dalmatian. Stripes is a quiet striped tabby. When their owner, Ms. Green, is at work in her flower shop, she expects her pets to get along. Especially at holiday time! But that's a tall order for Spots and Stripes-two very different pets. Readers will laugh along with this unlikely duo as they fight like cats and dogs, then learn the secret to getting along. Included in every book is a page for caregivers and teachers that suggests reading and writing prompts to help aid in reading comprehension.

Spotting Differences (Blastoff! Readers: Level 1)

The animal kingdom is full of look-alikes! Young readers will dig into physical and behavioural traits of each animal to spot the differences between each pair. Full spread side-by-side comparisons point out special characteristics of each animal, while labeled photos and picture glossaries visually define difficult vocab words within the low-level text. Beginning readers will be able to tell these doppelgängers apart in no time!

Spreading Kindness (Pioneer)

No matter what's going on in the world, individuals can choose to act with kindness and respect. This series introduces young readers to eight ways they can make a difference in their families, schools, and communities.

Spring Is Here (Scout)

From baby animals to rain showers, the spring season brings many changes. This charming series explores the activities and natural wonders that people can enjoy in spring.

Spy Secrets (Searchlight Books™)

Readers are in for a thrill as they uncover true fascinating stories of spies, the people they worked for, the methods they used to complete their missions.

Stand Against

Young readers are still forming their beliefs about the world around them. Their families, friends, teachers, and the media have a great effect on what they will stand forÑand against. In this set, readers encounter four important topics: animal cruelty, poverty and hunger, waste and pollution, and prejudice. Each book looks at the many aspects of the topic, such as animal treatment in zoos or ageism, and gives readers information to get a broad, but age-appropriate, perspective on the main topic.