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The Huffalots

Huffalots can turn into Lovealots! A stunningly illustrated picture book with real heart, Eve Coy's Huffalots will melt those bad moods away.

The Human Body: An Alien's Guide

Take a journey inside the bodyÑas an alien! Hop aboard a flying saucer and travel alongside your alien guides who are on a mission to understand the wonders of human body systems. High-impact graphic art explores the circulatory system, the digestive system, the skeletal system, and more. Get a close-up view of how a healthy body works to fight invaders like viruses . . . or spaceships. A raucous graphic-format exploration of body systems with a twist.

The Imaginative Explorer's Guide (Hi Jinx)

The world isn't nearly as boring as you might think! All you need is this handy guide and your imagination to turn any place into extraordinary fun.

The Intasimi Warriors

Set in the parallel world of a monster-filled Nairobi, Kenya, The Intasimi Warriors follows four young friends on the eve of their thirteenth birthdays as they discover they are the descendants of the Intasimi: an ancient bloodline of legendary East African warriors. Follow Mwikali, Soni, Odwar and Xirsi as they race against time to learn how to channel their ancestorsÎ powers while pitting themselves against a terrifying array of malign forces that are intent on using dark magic to destroy everything the friends hold dear. Inspired by the authorÎs Kenyan heritage, this fast-paced, action-packed series is bursting with African mythology and gripping to the very end.

The Jane Doe Chronicles

The people of Bluehaven have worshipped the Manor for thousands of years, trekking through its grand old gateway to the Otherworlds, returning with tales of high adventure. But then came the Night of All Catastrophes-the night the quakes started, and the Manor sealed its doors indefinitely. On that very night, two strangers arrived and collapsed atop the sacred stairs: John Doe and his baby, Jane. Fifteen years later, it is up to Jane to defeat the immortal villain who wants to harness the Manor's power.

The Knight of Little Import

Poor Charlie is a young knight who can't find a single beast to slay. If only the town of Little Import weren't so quiet. Hark! What is that? It's Mr. Galette, and he has a problem in his bakery. Clever Charlie realizes at once that a monster is the culprit: the triple-tier hungerbeak! So begins an epic quest to capture monsters throughout town and find a safe place for them to live . . . in the worldÎs very first monster sanctuary!

The Knight Who Might

The Knight Who Might tries really hard to be a knight, but things don't always go to plan-even with a magic horse, sword, and helmet!

The Lamplighter

In a quaint 19th century whaling village, a young woman seeks to expose the dark truth behind the villageÎs eerie disappearances at the risk of the lives of everyone she loves...assuming anyone will listen to a female in the first place.

The Lemonade Hurricane: A Story of Mindfulness and Meditation

Henry is a lot of fun when he's not storming through the house, so Emma decides to teach him how to be still. By showing him how to sit, bow, and breathe, Emma is able to calm the hurricane within Henry. A perfect introduction to meditation for young readers, presented in a captivating story. In Planting Seeds, Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, teaches that by sitting still and meditating, the mind can become clear. Like Hanh's apple juice story, when a glass of lemonade is stirred, the pulp swirls around. When it sits quietly, the pulp settles and the liquid becomes clear. In this way, a glass of lemonade is a metaphor for how meditation and mindfulness work. That is why this book is called The Lemonade Hurricane. Practicing mindfulness and meditation helps us tame the hurricane within.