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Under the Same Sky

Two children on opposite sides of the world crave friendship. Is it possible to be friends across the distance? These two children certainly think so, and they are going to prove it with creativity, a little ingenuity, and the help of one very determined pigeon. A gorgeous picture book from Robert Vescio, which introduces children to the idea of a long distance friendship while encouraging them to explore different cultures.

Under the Sea Animals (Pelican)  

Early readers will be introduced to animals that live under the sea. Vibrant images and simple text engage and support beginning readers. Each book features Words to Know, Sight Words, and Teacher and Caregiver Notes.

Undercover Ostrich

Animals can be sneaky. But do you know who is especially sneaky? Undercover ostriches! They're everywhere, and they're masters at going undetected. You've probably seen one and just assumed it was another woodpecker or owl. The narrator of this book is on the case, following a single ostrich on his many adventures. Not until the final twist does author and illustrator Joe Kulka let the readers in on the narrator's true motivation: a peanut collection mission involving undercover elephants.

Underdogs: Sports Champions (45th Parallel Press)

From players no one believed in to teams no one thought could win, Underdogs: Sports Champions covers some of history's greatest underdogs. Written in a strong narrative nonfiction style, the storytelling in these books will captivate readers. The series includes considerate vocabulary, engaging content, clear text and formatting, and compelling photos. Educational sidebars include extra fun facts and information.

Underground Animal Life

Dig deep into the fox’s den, the groundhog’s burrow, and more to learn all about creatures that have adapted to life below the soil. Bright photos and carefully levelled text take the curricular concept of habitats and turns it into an adventure exploring with these fascinating animals. A featured Science Lab activity puts the readers to the test to use what they’ve learned and flexes their skills of observation to study the animals further. Get the hole truth about animals that live underground!

Understanding American Democracy (BrightPoint Press)

Understanding American Democracy introduces readers to the American democratic system of government, exploring its structures, functions, and history. Readers will learn about freedom of speech, fair elections, the separation of government powers, and more. Each book includes a graphic that presents key information visually, source notes, and resources to aid in further research.

Understanding Consent and Boundaries: Dating and Relationships in the #MeToo Era

Attitudes about the importance of boundaries and consent are changing, largely because of the #MeToo movement, where women wrote about their experiences with sexual assault and harassment on social media.As teenagers start dating and having relationships, it is important to understand what it means to maintain healthy boundariesÑboth physical and emotional ones. In physical relationships, it is also important to understand consent, which should be fully informed, free of coercion, specific, reversable, and enthusiastic.

Understanding Coronaviruses: SARS, MERS, and the COVID-19 Pandemic

While many scientists believed influenza would cause the next pandemic, no one was prepared for the new strain of coronavirus that appeared in 2019. Understanding Coronaviruses examines SARS-CoV-2, its origin, its impact on daily life, and how COVID-19 compares to other coronavirus diseases.

Understanding Disability (21st Century Junior Library)

This series explores disability in a comprehensive, honest, and age-appropriate way. Engaging inquiry-based side bars encourage students to LOOK, THINK, MAKE A GUESS, ASK QUESTIONS, and CREATE. Books are authored by writers with disabilities and the series has been developed in partnership with Easterseals who is leading the way to full equity, inclusion, and access through life-changing disability and community services.

Understanding Disorders (BrightPoint Press)

Understanding Disorders teaches readers about mental health disorders and their symptoms. Books in this series examine the history of these disorders and how they affect everyday life. Each book includes a graphic that presents key information visually, source notes, and resources to aid in further research.