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Wacky World Of... (Fusion Books)

This world can be strange, absurd, baffling, inexplicable, and downright wacky. Learn about some of the wildest things from making clothing out of old milk to staying in bed for science. A combination of fun illustrations and photos makes this a fun series for reluctant readers as well as anyone who loves to learn about the wacky world.

Wait, Rest, Pause

Captivating photos accompany engaging nonfiction text to explain dormancy in nature. From trees and ladybugs to chickadees, squirrels and even alligators, this book won't put curious kids to sleep!

Waiting for a Warbler

In early April, as Owen and his sister search the hickories, oaks, and dogwoods for returning birds, a huge group of birds leaves the misty mountain slopes of the Yucatan peninsula for the very long flight across the Gulf of Mexico to their summer nesting grounds. One of them is a Cerulean warbler. He will lose more than half his body weight even if the journey goes well. Aloft over the vast ocean, the birds encourage each other with squeaky chirps that say, ""We are still alive. We can do this."" Owen's family watches televised reports of a great storm over the Gulf of Mexico, fearing what it may mean for migrating songbirds. In alternating spreads, we wait and hope with Owen, then struggle through the storm with the warbler. This moving story with its hopeful ending appeals to us to preserve the things we love.

Walls and Welcome Mats: Immigration and the American Dream

Migration is a natural, human act-seeking food, shelter, and comfortable environments is essential for survival. With the existence of national borders, migration becomes immigration-an intensely political issue. Immigration and the history of America are inextricably linked. Author Lars Ortiz explores the history of immigration in the United States from before the country was born to government policies such as the Chinese Exclusion Act to the building of a wall along the US-Mexico border. He also examines thebacklash against immigration that so many immigrants have faced, and the optimism that leads people to seek a better future in a new land.

Wanted: Werecat (Crabtree Leaves)  

ThereÎs trouble in the little beach town of Sandy Point. A strange creature locals call WERECAT is scaring away tourists. Mrs. Hill is worried that soon there will be no one coming to buy souvenirs in her gift shop. But that suits her cat, Perkins, just fine. The book also includes a page for caregivers and teachers that suggests guiding questions to help aid in reading comprehension. Downloadable Teacher Notes available.

War Histories (Torque)

From the American Revolutionary War to the Cold War, conflict has been present throughout much of history. Through levelled text and vibrant, accurate images, this engaging series introduces readers to different wars and how they changed the world. Each title is packed with special features that highlight maps, life on the home front, key battles, important technology, and more. These books will make young historians eager to learn more!

Warrior: A Patient's Courageous Quest

One young warrior, Maria, prepares herself--again--to battle through a dangerous land in order to reach the bell on the mountain, ring it, and rid her kingdom of beasts. The brave girl faces Serpent Sea, Fear Forest, and Monster Mountain with courage--and help from a few friends. Will she reach the bell this time? At the end of the day's disappointing quest, Maria returns to her hospital bed feeling beat. But her team reminds her of exactly who she is, a warrior. An allegory telling the courageous story of the millions of children battling cancers and chronic diseases--battling their own monsters every day.

Wars Waged Under the Microscope  

Wars Waged Under the Microscope examines the science and technologies that have helped the world fight some of the deadliest diseases ever known. Using both historic and contemporary images and examples, this series shows readers the importance of forward-thinking science. Comprehensive case studies show how different scientific methods and technologies worked to contain or conquer a new disease. Timelines and Future Warfare sections help readers understand the impact and importance of ongoing scientific research. Downloadable Teacher's Guide available.

Washed Ashore: Making Art from Ocean Plastic

Every day, we use plastic products. And where does these items go when we are done with them?When artist Angela Haseltine Pozzi found plastic trash polluting the beach near her home, she took action. She formed an organization called Washed Ashore and started gathering trash from beaches and using it to create incredible sculptures of wildlife. These sculptures travel the country to teach people about the importance of these animals-and the problems caused by plastic pollution.Author and photographer Kelly Crull highlights fourteen spectacular sculptures, along with hints to find common objects hidden among the debris. There’s information about each ocean animal as well as tips for how you can reduce your plastic use, hold a beach cleanup and make your own plastic art. Be inspired to get creative in protecting the world’s oceans!

Watch It Grow (Bullfrog Books)

Watch It Grow appeals to early readers interested in learning more about how plants grow and the steps in their life cycles. Each title features a life cycle diagram, picture glossary, table of contents, and index. Bright, detailed photographs and labels help readers easily identify each step.