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Wild Animals

From rampaging scavengers to deadly predators, nature is full of fierce and fascinating creatures. This engaging series highlights eight of these wild animals, describing where they live, what they eat, and how they have adapted to their habitats.

Wild Art Projects

Be inspired to get wildly creative with art. Each title explores a different theme, packed with original, colourful ideas using various media and everyday items. Simple step-by-step instructions and photographs guide readers through the projects.

Wild Cats

This series gives readers an action-packed look at eight amazing wild cats, describing where they live, how they hunt, and the unique features that help them survive in the wild. Each book pairs short paragraphs of easy-to-read-text with plenty of colourful photos to make reading engaging and accessible. Apex books have low reading levels (grades 2-3) but are designed for older students, with interest levels of grades 3-7.

Wild Rides (Bolt Jr.)

Motorcycles, stock cars, and dirt bikes are all wild rides that make great reading topics. Through closely levelled text paired with colourful, engaging graphics and labeled images, this series is sure to have kids gearing up and getting ready to read.

Wild Style: Amazing Animal Adornments

What do a crab waving pom-poms, a bug with a backpack of dead ants, and a mud-spattered vulture have in common? They all have wild style! Learn how different animals' wacky adornments help them survive.

Wild Things (Cherry Blossom Press)

The Wild Things series looks at various amazing creatures that live in our world. The series utilizes a curriculum based text to get children comfortable with reading. Each book uses the Whole Language approach to literacy, a combination of sight words and repetition builds recognition and confidence. Bold, colourful photographs correlate directly to text to help guide readers through the book. Books in this series include author biography and teaching guides.

Wild Weather

Wild weather is scary, fascinating, and both at the same time. Nature is a recipe of wind, water, and temperature that can transform easily into weather that is not only powerful, but often damaging. In the Wild Weather series readers will learn the causes and effects of 10 different wild weather events that happen around the globe. Then get some tips on how to prepare for them and stay safe.

Wild Wicked Wonderful Express (45th Parallel Press)

The Wild Wicked Wonderful Express series explores the fascinating world of the animal kingdom. Who are the gutsy daredevils? Which animal pairs have amazing partnerships? Young readers will learn an abundance of wild, wicked, and wonderful animal facts. Series aids struggling and reluctant young readers with engaging high-interest content, considerate text, and clear visuals.


A collection of some of John Muir’s most memorable and inspirational words reminds us of a shared responsibility and inescapable bond-that all inhabitants of this planet travel the Milky Way together.

Wildlife Rescue

When humans build highways or clear land for development, they often put wild animals in danger. This series looks at ways people have made crossing the road a safer experience, as well as how a simple structure or garden can save an endangered species. Rope bridges for squirrels, tiny tunnels and crossing guards for turtles, overpasses built specially for bears and elks, and special houses and gardens are just some of the interesting solutions featured in this series, showing the many ways people can be a friend to animals-and save lives along the way.