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The Secrets of Star Whales

In a mission to preserve the memory of his deceased father, 12-year-old Maxion Belmont, aboard the space station Azura, discovers the secrets of the most elusive creatures in the galaxy: star whales.

The Seven Wonders of the Modern World (Blastoff! Discovery)

Pack your bags! It’s time for an adventure to some of the world’s most important landmarks. This seven-book series explores human-made wonders that date as far back as 700 BCE! Along the way, levelled text introduces readers to the purpose, building techniques, later developments, and current uses of each wonder.

The Sky's the Limit (Blue Owl Books)

The Sky's the Limit helps readers create constructive attitudes, build confidence, and foster positive peer networks. Each title empowers the reader, detailing specific practices and mindfulness activities they can participate in daily to help achieve their goals, while reinforcing the concepts of social and emotional learning (SEL).

The Soda Bottle School: A True Story of Recycling, Teamwork, and One Crazy Idea

Why not use soda bottles, which were scattered all around, to form the cores of the walls? Never underestimate the power of an idea! Laura Kutner, the real-life ""Seûo Laura"" in The Soda Bottle School, wrote this book because she wanted to ""inspire young readers to believe in themselves and work together to make the world a better place, and have fun at the same time."" Sometimes thinking outside the box--or inside the bottle--leads to the perfect solution.

The Songbird and the Rambutan Tree

Batavia, Dutch East Indies, 1942. Emmy has the voice of an angel but hasnÎt sung a note since a family tragedy. With war looming, her father plans to ship her off to a singing school in England for safety. But all Emmy wants to do is stay in Batavia with her best friend, Bakti, even if it means putting up with her snooty classmate, Violet. Then the Japanese army invadesÑand as war erupts in the Dutch East Indies, EmmyÎs world falls apart. When her own actions sabotage her chance to evacuate the island, Emmy is captured and confined in the Tjideng prisoner-of-war camp with other women and children. Separated from her family and friends, and silenced by her grief, Emmy will need all her strength to survive the war, find her voice, and reclaim her freedom.

The Spacesuit

Ellie loves to sew. Little does she know that one day her sewing skills will launch into space in the shape of the world's first spacesuit.

The SPIRIT Hauntings

The Society of Paranormal, Invisible, and Restless Imps and Terrors has a problem: due to so-called Ìscience,Ê the living are believing in ghosts less and less. To boost morale, SPIRIT is opening its doors to new members for the first time in centuries. But only the spookiest recruits will get to join the undeadÎs most esteemed organization.

The Spots and the Dots

A clever, thought-provoking back-to-back picture book that can be read two ways, either from the perspective of the Spots or the Dots.

The Spread of Hate and Extremism

A record-high number of hate groups are operating within the United States today. Fuelled by fears of immigration and the nation's shifting demographics, these groups vilify others based on race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity. The Spread of Hate and Extremism examines white supremacism and other ideologies that motivate these groups. It also explores why hate groups and extremists pose a clear danger to democracy.

The Stone Giant

When her father leaves to save people from a giant who turns them to stone with his gaze, a child in a red dress is left alone. Many days and many nights go by. Every evening the girl says good night to herself in her mirror. When the last light burns down, the girl takes her mirror and a knife and sets out to find her father. "I will save my father from the giant," she says. The Stone Giant is a contemporary and timeless fairytale that tells of a child who succeeds where adults cannot.Based on a classic Swedish fairytale by Elsa Beskow, often called the Beatrix Potter of Scandinavia,whose books have been read by Swedish children for over 100 years.