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The Trouble with Earth

It's time for the planets' annual vacation. But when Earth tries to board their bus, they quickly pull away without her!Earth turns up on the vacation she wasn't invited to and finds all the other planets in the solar system in the hot tubÑeven Pluto! Then she discovers exactly why: it looks like she has FLEAS! Yuck. Earth asks everyone to take a look inside her atmosphere, and they're amazing by what they see . . . birds, fish, creatures galore, and yes, even fleas.The Trouble with Earth is the perfect story to teach us to be kind and less quick to judge others.

The Trump Presidency

Donald J. Trump has been a disruptive force as president of the United States. From his shocking victory in the 2016 election to his aggressive and controversial policies, Trump has pleased his supporters and infuriated his opponents. This book surveys his time in office and how his presidency has affected the nation.

The Truth Is

Fifteen-year-old overachiever Verdad is struggling to meet her Puerto Rican mother's expectations and process her best friend's death when she falls for Danny, a trans boy, and starts to question her own identity.

The Unbreakable Thread

A bittersweet celebration of the everlasting bond between a mother and child through the changing phases of their lives. The thread illustrates the unbreakable connection that remains despite growing pains and distance over the years. The thread begins to unwind when the child begins to walk, talk, and run. It stretches a little more on the first day of school. It swirls and unfurls the further the child gets from Mom’s reach, like a sleepover at a friend's house. Sometimes quarrels cause the thread to get tangled. One thing is constant-that it always remains. The thread symbolizes the love that keeps them close. Emily Joof channelled her Gambian upbringing to pen this story, which was inspired by a local tradition of leaving a thread with the child when a parent travels.

The Unexplained

Stories of strange sights and creepy phenomena pop up all over the world. This spooky series highlights eight of these mysterious legends, revealing what the stories claim, some possible causes or explanations, and what people still don’t know for sure. Each book pairs short paragraphs of easy-to-read-text with plenty of colourful photos to make reading engaging and accessible. Apex books have low reading levels (grades 2-3) but are designed for older students, with interest levels of grades 3-7.

The United States Presidents (Checkerboard Library)

Learn about the individuals who have held this important office in the United Stated Presidents series. Each book explores one president's childhood, time in office, accomplishments, and legacy. Discover what it takes to be presidents, how a president is elected, and how the US Government works. Read this series to experience history through the leaders who shaped it.

The Vinyl Underground

A Vietnam-era Breakfast Club bonds over music and their distaste for the Vietnam War and decides to take a stand against the US government and the violent racism in their own town.

The Wall

Tom is told not to go over the wall. "It's dangerous there," his family tells him. But when Tom receives a message from someone on the other side of the wall, he decides to explore.

The Weather Forecast (Crabtree Roots)  

What is fog? Why does it snow? What makes the wind blow? Each book in The Weather Forecast series reveals for young readers what causes different kinds of weather. With engaging, full-page photographs alongside simple text and relevant sight words, each book explores a different kind of weather, while also building confidence in reading skills. Every book in this series also includes a page for caregivers and teachers that suggests guiding questions to help aid in reading comprehension. Downloadable Teacher's Guide available.

The Wide World of Coding: The People and Careers behind the Programs

Explore why diversity is needed to prevent bias in design. Learn about the different coding languages and what they are used for, how developers choose a language, and tools that simplify coding. Jennifer Connor-Smith breaks down stereotypes about coding as a career that is open only to technology-obsessed gamers, revealing ways people use software to improve medical care, nurture dementia patients, promote social justice, and more. Hands-on activities show you how easy it is to learn to think like a coder. The next generation of coders will require diverse teams, creativity, and ethical codes of conduct to create the best and most successful software. Will you be one of them?