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Toby Tootles

Toby is having the best birthday party ever until an ill-timed and unintended toot draws unwelcome attention and teasing. Poor Toby--he is so embarrassed! And now everyone is calling him ""Tootles."" To get out from under his cloud of shame, Toby goes to visit his grandmother, hoping to get some sympathy and understanding. But as it turns out, Grandma is a bit of a gasbag herself with her own windy issues. She toots not once, not twice, but THREE times during Toby's visit. And she's not even embarrassed about it! But Toby is. He's embarrassed by her and for her. It's only when Toby is facing another digestive episode that he realizes maybe it's time to follow Grandma's lead and not let little things get in the way of enjoying life. After all, gas happens! A sweet and funny lesson on how to handle life's hiccups and other unexpected ""eruptions.

Together We Can Change the World

What can really change the world? In the seven-book series Together we can change the World, children learn how they can transform themselves and the world around them by embracing their emotional superpowers-love, courage, compassion, respect, kindness, integrity, and gratitude. Through seven stories across seven continents, each featuring the precious connection between a child and an endangered animal, we highlight our responsibility to Planet Earth.

Together We Can: Pandemic (21st Century Junior Library)

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced many changes into children's lives. Books in the Together We Can: Pandemic series addresses those changes and gives actionable suggestions to help young readers adapt and cope as we navigate the current outbreak. These books include science content, based on current CDC recommendations, as well as social emotional content to help with personal wellness and development of empathy. All books in the 21st Century Junior Library encourage readers to think critically and creatively, and use their problem-solving skills. Book includes table of contents, sidebars, glossary, index, and author biography.

Too Cute! (Blastoff! Beginners)

Spend time with some aww-dorable babies in this series for beginning readers! Simple, predictable text and cute, colourful photos support students just starting to read on their own. Readers will learn basic facts about each baby including favourite foods and how they play. Features show the animals at each life stage and reinforce facts from the text. Young readers will love growing with favourite animal babies in this series that is simply too cute!

Too Cute! Baby Animals (Bigfoot Jr.)

Meet baby animals! From kittens that climb to ducklings thatdive to seal pups that splash, these adorable babies are sure todelight. Learn where they live and how they change as they grow.Whether theyÎre eating, sleeping, or playing, baby animals arejust too cute!

Too Many Pigs in the Pool

On Sunday, Mr. Jenkins welcomes one pig into his pool (as a guest of his neighbour Ms. Peal, who's brought along her famous seven layer dip as well). Really, how much trouble could one little pig be? But one pig becomes two and two become four... And by Saturday there are just TOO MANY PIGS IN THE POOL! This funny math-based story will have readers laughing along with pigs Percy and Wanda while learning about multiplication and the doubling sequence.

Top Brands

Video games, movies, toys, and social media apps are all popular sources of entertainment. This fun series shows off the companies behind top brands, their history, and the products and experiences they provide.

Top Doodle Dog Breeds (Stingray High/Lo)  

In this Hi-Lo series, readers will learn about one of the top crossbreeds. Adorable images of Doodles and simple text engage reluctant readers. Each book features the quiz Am I Ready to Be a Dog Owner, glossary, and comprehension questions.

Top High School Sports (Crabtree Branches)  

Ready to take a shot at making the high school team? The TOP HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS series has information on the basic rules of different sports, the teams and positions, and the gear you’ll need to perform your best. Study hard and practice hard and soon you'll have the skills to help make your team a winning team. Comprehension questions included for reading at home and teacher notes included for further learning. Downloadable Teacher’s Guide available.

Top Horse Breeds (Crabtree Branches)  

Want to know more about your favourite horse breed? This series has the facts on all your favourites, whether you like them fast, strong, or just plain beautiful. Each book features amazing photographs and gives readers the horse's stats, what purpose the horse is known for, and how to care for it. Every book also includes a page for caregivers and teachers that suggests guiding questions to help aid in reading comprehension. Downloadable Teacher Notes available.