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Time Traveler's Theory of Relativity, A

After his mother goes missing, twelve-year-old science lover Finn discovers that the women in his family are time travelers. To find his mom, he'll have to put his trust in something bigger than logic.

Tinfoil Crowns

Seventeen-year-old internet video star Fit will do anything to become famous, sharing everything about herself with her fans. But there's one thing her fans don't know: when Fit was three-years-old, her mother tried to kill her.

Tip and Tucker (I Am A Reader!)

Meet Tip and Tucker! These hamsters are best friends and like to stick together. But while little Tip is sometimes nervous about new situations, Tucker likes to explore and see new things.

To the Limit

Teens on extreme sports adventures face life-or-death situations when something goes wrong with their gear or the weather. To survive, they must rely on their athletic skills and quick thinking.


When Jo, a headstrong maintenance technician, makes a mistake that destabilizes her planet's core, she knows only one way to fix things: leaving her underground home for a trip to the planet's dangerous, unruly surface.

Trail of Crumbs  

In this young adult novel, Greta and her twin brother are abandoned by their father and stepmother, and Greta struggles with the confusion and shame she feels after being raped.

Travel America's Landmarks (Beacon)

Travel America's Landmarks examines the history and importance of a variety of American landmarks. Filled with engaging and fun facts about the landmarks as well as details about the visitor experience, this series will intrigue and appeal to armchair travelers.


In this gorgeously illustrated picture book, a brother and sister explore their surroundings, looking for treasure.

Trésor (Treasure)  

Dans ce livre superbement illustré, un frère et une s£ur explorent leur environnement à la recherche d'un trésor.

Trevor Lee and the Big Uh Oh

When his new teacher announces all the 3rd graders must read in front of everyone at Parents Night, Trevor Lee and his best friend Pinky take action before his secret of not being able to read gets out.