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Vegetable Museum, The  

In this middle-grade novel, thirteen-year-old Chloë learns about her family's history while helping her grandfather in his garden.

Vote!: Women's Fight for Access to the Ballot Box

August 18, 2020, marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution, ensuring women's right to vote. Learn about the 70-year-long fight for women's suffrage and see how it led to later civil rights and feminist movements.

Wacky Things

With the Wacky Things series, readers will discover the weirdest and wackiest things about each featured topic. Some are gross, some are funny, and some are downright unbelievable!

Wait, Rest, Pause

Captivating photos accompany engaging nonfiction text to explain dormancy in nature. From trees and ladybugs to chickadees, squirrels and even alligators, this book won't put curious kids to sleep!

Walden Lane

Walden Lane is a quintessential small city. And the Moores are a typical American family. The books describe a tightknit family, with busy schedules and the usual problems. The series explores suburban life in a fun way, with topics appropriate for younger readers. These gentle reads are innocent, hopeful, and sometimes funny, with no unsettling surprises or storylines.

Watch It Go (Cherry Blossom Press)

The Watch It Go series looks at cool cars and trucks that are sure to engage little readers. The series utilizes a curriculum based text to get children comfortable with reading. Each book uses the Whole Language approach to literacy, a combination of sight words and repetition builds recognition and confidence. Bold, colourful photographs correlate directly to text to help guide readers through the book.

Watch It Grow (Bullfrog Books)

Watch It Grow appeals to early readers interested in learning more about how plants grow and the steps in their life cycles. Each title features a life cycle diagram, picture glossary, table of contents, and index. Bright, detailed photographs and labels help readers easily identify each step.

Watch Me Read and Draw

The perfect starter for kids who love to read and draw, the Watch Me Read and Draw series features an engaging story with simple drawing lessons that teach children how to draw their favourite things. Adorable stories are sure to capture the attention of budding young artists, and basic shapes that they will recognize make it easy to learn how to draw.

Ways We Go (LOOK! Books™)

Each book looks at common ways we go from one place to another while making connections to daily life activity.

Weather (Scout)

This series introduces readers to the science behind common kinds of weather. Each title defines and describes one type of weather and explains the process that causes it to appear.