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Money Basics (BrightPoint Press)

Money Basics provides useful and practical information about key financial literacy topics. Readers will learn about budgeting, credit, savings, and more. Each book includes an infographic, a worksheet to help readers apply what they have learned, resources to aid in further research, and source notes.

Money Smarts (Early Bird Stories™)

How do you handle your money? These entertaining, illustrated stories follow diverse characters as they learn about borrowing, earning, and saving money. Each book features critical-thinking questions and fast facts to further reading engagement.

Monkey with a Tool Belt

Chico Bon Bon can build or fix just about anything. The adventures of this quirky monkey hero will show readers there is an inventive way out of every problem-if you have the right tools.

Monster Math

Is the math monster biting at your brain? Charming, simple illustrated stories with cute monster characters introduce counting and concepts such as measuring, shapes, and patterns.

Monster Sisters  

The Monster Sisters, Enid Jupiter and Lyra Gotham, are two young sleuths in the vein of Nancy Drew or Scooby Doo, doing superheroic deeds while learning about colonialism on Indigenous land. Using maps, true facts and witty asides, this graphic novel is as much of an adventure to read as it is for the characters to experience.


An encyclopedia of monsters delves into the history and science behind eight legendary creatures, from zombies to the kraken and beyond. Tips and infographics make this a highly visual and easy-to-browse experience.

Moose le chien (Blossoms Beginning Readers: Level 2)  

Moose, un saint-bernard pelucheux, n’est pas un chien ordinaire. Il cuisine, fait le ménage, fait les courses, jardine, fait le lavage et répare des choses dans la maison û tout ça pendant que son maître, Frank, est parti à une répétition avec son groupe de musique. Mais quand Frank revient à la maison, Moose n’est pas différent des autres chiens : il aime plus que tout jouer à rapporter, recevoir des caresses sur le ventre et manger un bon gros os. Dans cette série pour les lecteurs débutants, les lecteurs auront du plaisir à découvrir la vie d’un animal de compagnie extraordinaire. Chaque livre comprend une page à l’intention des enseignants, des parents et des gardiens qui suggère des questions d’orientation de lecture et des tâches d’écriture visant à faciliter la compréhension.

Moose the Dog (Blossoms Beginning Readers)  

Moose, a shaggy St. Bernard, isn?t your average dog. He cooks, cleans, shops, gardens, does laundry, and fixes things around the house-all while his owner, Frank, is off at band practice. But when Frank returns home, Moose is no different from other dogs-he loves nothing more than a good game of fetch, a nice, long belly rub, and a big, juicy bone. In this beginning reading series, readers will delight at this inside peek into the life of one extraordinary pet. Included in every book is a page for caregivers and teachers that suggests reading and writing prompts to help aid in reading comprehension.

MOOsic Makers, The

Nutmeg and Celery love their MOO-grass music, and it seems the perfect way to help raise money for a new barn roof.Will MOO-grass music be enough, or will they have to change their tune?

More Than a Game

Sports has never been only about what takes place on the playing field. Matt Doeden explores past and current controversies in a book sure to engage everyone interested in sports, history, and civil rights.