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Canine Athletes (SportsZone)

Some of the world's most incredible athletes have four legs and live in our own homes. Canine Athletes introduces readers to the world of dog sports, where dogs show off their speed, stamina, and agility. With information on training, conditioning, and the rules of the game, these books are sure to be popular among sports fans and animal lovers alike.

Captain Barbosa and the Pirate Hat Chase

In this wordless graphic novel, Captain Barbosa sails the seven seas with his trusty shipmates: a mosquito, an alligator, and an elephant. When a seagull steals his treasured hat, Barbosa and his crew give chase through a nasty storm. When Barbosa reaches the seagull's island, he finds the hat-along with a nest of baby seagulls-and decides even pirates can forgive and forget.

Car Crazy (Torque)

Climb into the driver’s seat of one of these luxury cars. Equipped for the streets and the racetrack, these cars are powerful, sleek, and fast. This series will introduce young readers to the behind-the-scenes action of a supercar. Buckle up!


In 1881 Missouri, twelve-year-old Jason "Shuffle" Jones sets off on a quest to find his missing father, armed only with a card game his dad invented that may offer clues as to his dad's whereabouts.

Career Exploration

With so many career possibilities, how does one decide which path to follow? One way is to focus on the things we like to do. Problem solvers might thrive as cybersecurity analysts or biomedical engineers and people who like social interaction might enjoy social work or sales. The Career Exploration series profiles a variety of jobs and career fields that are well-suited to particular interests.

Career Finder (BrightPoint Press)

Career Finder explores different career options for students after high school. Readers will learn useful and practical information about each career path, including the skills and training needed to succeed in the field. The books also show how different industries are growing and examine which job opportunities may be available in the future.

Careers for Creative People

STEM careers are all the rage but not everyone wants to be an engineer or actuary. What is a creative person to do? The Careers for Creative People series explores careers for creative types in the fields of fashion, music, the culinary arts, film, and more. These easy-to-use guides give teens with a creative streak a variety of ideas for career search and planning in a variety of fields. What the jobs entail, what they pay, and future prospects are discussed along with insights from industry insiders-and a Q&A interview in every book.

Careers Making a Difference

The Careers Making A Difference series provides information on nine important and interesting careers that make a difference in, and improve the whole of, society. Each book in the series describes the careers available in the field, along with valuable information on education, training, salary, job outlook, and job satisfaction.

Careers with Earning Potential

Looking for a well-paying career that doesn't require a bachelor's degree? Readers of Careers with Earning Potential will discover seven well-paying careers, learn about their many subspecialties, and find dozens of suggestions on how to explore these careers while they're still in school. The final title in the series tells readers everything they need to know about presenting themselves effectively in life, on their cover letter and résumé, in the job interview, and in the workplace. As the cost of college skyrockets and more students than ever turn toward careers with earning potential, a new education is essential to meet the need.

Caring for Your Magical Pets (Hi Jinx)

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility, especially when that pet breathes fire or bursts into flames! Putting a spin on classic pet guides, this series details how to care for magical pets through witty, conversational text that explores life cycles, how much food and exercise, and special care each pet needs along with information about the joys and potential hazards each pet brings. With humorous imagery that works hand in hand with the text, this series is sure to spark young readers' imaginations and prove that reading can be fun.