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My Mama

I've known my mama for such a long time. For my whole life, actually. My mama loves playing with me and my cars. I like that, as long as mama tidies up the cars afterwards. I'm good at hiding. No one can find me, not even my mama ... and then suddenly I shout, ôPEEKABOO!ö My mama's scared to death! I laugh and laugh. At night, my mama shakes the stars off my pants. I give her a big hug and say. ôGoodnight stars, see you tomorrow!ö A naughty baby elephant tells all about his mother in this lovingly drawn story-familiar and funny for both parents and children.

My Many Emotions (My Early Library)

Get to know the emotions you might encounter each day of your life in the My Many Emotions series. Personified into colourful characters, emotions become easily recognizable to kids. This series complements any social-emotional curriculum to help early readers understand and grow their emotional intelligence. From mindfulness practices to talking to a trusted adult, kids will know how to express their emotions in a healthy way when they come to visit. Simple sentences help develop word recognition and improve reading skills.

My Mastodon

Inspired by the 19th-century lives of artist and scientist Charles Willson Peale's family, this is a tale of a girl and her favourite companion--a fossilized mastodon!

My Mindful Day (My Early Library)

Early readers are introduced to a foundation of daily mindfulness practices in the My Mindful Day series. Books encourage social emotional learning, empathy, compassion, and personal peace and mindfulness. This engaging early approach to mindfulness helps readers develop word recognition and reading skills.

My Minecraft (Alternator Books®)

From surviving mobs (mobile monsters) to building cities, this series describes some of Minecraft's most popular aspects. Jump into the creative world of Minecraft!

My Room is a Zoo

It?s bedtime. It should be quiet. But not if your room is a zoo! A young boy is kept awake by his toy animals (26 of them, from A to Z) who employ all the bedtime delay tactics they can muster. Armadillo takes his pillow, Crocodile wants a drink, Narwhal needs to brush his tooth, Owl and Possum argue about the lights, and Zebra hides under the bed. Finally, the boy steps up and puts a stop to the animals? shenanigans so he can get some sleep.

My Senses (Crabtree Roots)  

This engaging series introduces young readers to our five senses. Utilizing full-page photographs alongside simple text and relevant sight words, each book will help encourage early readers to explore their own surroundings using their senses, while they practice their reading skills. Every book also includes a page for caregivers and teachers that suggests guiding questions to help aid in reading comprehension. Downloadable Teacher's Guide available.

My World Your World

Not only are these titles highlighting the diversity of children’s lives, but also celebrating and examining the ways in which children worldwide are very much alike. In each title, the accessible, lively text is supported by stunning photographs. The topics included in each book are thought provoking and often challenging, and young readers will love finding out about the many different ways in which children around the world live their lives.

Mysterious and Creepy (BrightPoint Press)

Mysterious and Creepy explores spooky subjects that have long captured people?s imaginations, including aliens, ghosts, mummies, zombies, and haunted houses. Readers will learn about the history of these things, what some people believe about them, and how they appear in pop culture today. Each book includes a graphic that presents key information visually, source notes, and resources to aid in further research.


Twelve-year-old Danny Woo was born and raised in the Mysterium Circus, a "new circus" outfit made up of eccentrics and artists with extraordinary talents. But after the sudden and suspicious death of his parents, Danny finds himself caught up in a plot that threatens to destroy much more than his beloved circus. Armed with the tricks his parents taught him, from lock picking to hypnosis to death-defying escape stunts, Danny must fight to survive and uncover the truth . . . before time runs out.