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Neighborhood Safari (Pioneer)

Many wild animals share their habitats with people. This fascinating series describes the life cycles, habitats, and adaptations of eight amazing creatures that can be found in cities and towns.

Never Forget: Heroes of 9/11 (Bear Claw Books)

Follow the true stories of heroes on the day that changed America forever: September 11, 2001. This riveting series takes readers into the lives of heroes, from medics and firefighters to everyday people, who faced terrible danger and showed true courage. Dynamic illustrations and first-hand accounts of those who stepped up when others needed them most celebrate the heroes of our nation.


In this magical middle-grade novel, Odette unlocks a mysterious spell.

New Frontiers of Space (Searchlight Books™)

Examine the most up-to-date, fascinating details gleaned in the endless human quest to understand the universe! From black holes to space tourism, each book focuses on cutting-edge information about outer space and details how we made those discoveries.

Next Pandemic: What's to Come?, The

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed how unprepared governments were for a major outbreak of infectious disease. As a result, scientists and health experts are already making plans for how to improve nations? ability to respond and protect their populations. The Next Pandemic: What?s to Come? examines cutting-edge technologies for detecting outbreaks, tracing cases, sharing medical information, and creating life-saving vaccines.

NFL All-Time Greats

From the legends of the game to today?s superstars, the National Football League has always been home to supremely talented players. This series introduces readers to the best of the best from their favourite teams through the years. This Press Box Books series is aligned to a reading level of grade 3 and an interest level of grades 2-4.

NFL Rivalries (All-Star Books)

This series introduces readers to some major football rivalries within the NFL, covering the rivalries' histories, greatest players, and lore. Each title features exciting infographics and side bars, vivid photos, and a glossary.

NFL Today

No professional sports league in America can match the popularity of the National Football League, and no books can match the drama and excitement of NFL Today! This best-selling series has been fully revised and updated to encapsulate the origins, stars, and unforgettable moments of all 32 NFL teams, from the pioneering Packers to the rising Texans. Brilliant photos capture all of the game’s hard-hitting energy, while “Sideline Stories” and “Meet the Team” panels present fascinating anecdotes and introductions to all-time gridiron greats.

NFL's Greatest (BrightPoint Press)

NFL’s Greatest looks at the some of the best football players to ever play the game. Readers will learn about stars from every era of the NFL, from the league’s beginnings to the modern day. Each book includes key statistics, resources to aid in further research, and source notes.

NFL's Greatest Players (All-Star Books)

This series introduces readers to the careers of some of the greatest players at the most critical positions in the history of American football. Each title features informative side bars, detailed infographics, vivid photos, and a glossary.