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Truth About Everything, The

Fifteen-year-old Lark has been taught how to rewire a truck and gut a fish, but she doesn’t know the branches of government, the continents on the globe, or really how to read. Lark lives in rural Montana with her conspiracy-theorist-Doomsday-prepping parents who homeschool her. When Lark gets her first period and realizes she doesn’t even know how much she doesn’t know, she takes advice from a friend on a nearby farm and secretly goes to school for the first time. At high school, Lark finds out the world is very different than she has been told, from 9/11 conspiracies to government takeovers that never happened. The more she learns, the more determined Lark is to expand her worldview. But it won’t come without sacrifices.

Truth and Honor: The President Ford Story

When Gerald Ford became president after the turmoil of the early 70s, Americans were ready for an honest, hardworking politician. And that is just what they got with President Ford. He was trustworthy, cooperative, and cared deeply about all Americans. His life, tougher than some and filled with character-building lessons, had prepared him for the job--from his childhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan to his days on the University of Michigan football team and in the Navy to his many years representing the Great Lakes State in congress. In Truth and Honour learn what made Gerald Ford the right man for the job. Backmatter includes a letter from the Ford family and a timeline.

Tu B'Shevat

Tu B’Shevat, the 15th day of the month of Shevat, is Jewish Arbour Day. While Shevat usually falls in January or February, when it’s still winter in much of the world, in Israel the almond trees are beginning to bloom, announcing the start of spring, and children gather with shovels to plant new saplings. Celebrate the beauty and wonder of nature with these Kar-Ben books for Tu B’Shevat, the birthday of the trees!

Tummy Time Friends

This lively board book unfolds accordion-style in a floor-standing arc, encouraging babies to lift their head while they are lying on their tummy, while toddlers will love the photos of diverse babies.

Turmoil in America: The 2020 Election

Few elections in American history have featured the divisive politics and caustic rhetoric that dominated the 2020 election for the American presidency. Throughout the year, Americans saw the incumbent president impeached, heard allegations that the election was rigged and, finally, witnessed an assault on the US Capitol by demonstrators angered by the outcome of the election. Turmoil in America: The 2020 Election will examine these issues and explore how one of the country?s most significant democratic institutions endured the challenges posed by the 2020 presidential campaign.

Turning Points

There are certain moments in history that are so significant that they become Turning Points, moments that put a bookmark in time and cause the events that follow to be measured by a different standard. From assassinations to terrorist attacks, from political revolutions to economic crashes, such times are often fraught with conflict and tension. This series puts each event in its historical context and follows the trajectory of its immediate aftermath and continuing global effects today. A timeline of important events adds further historical context, while ôPointing Outö side bars present related topics and perspectives.

Turning Points in U.S. History (Pogo Books)

Each title in Turning Points in U.S. History highlights a defining event or era in America's history, its key players, causes, and events, and its lasting effects on our nation. Historical photographs complement the text, while modern images reinforce the lasting impacts we see today.

Tween Emergent Reader Libraries: Go! Engage (2)

The Tween Emergent Reader Libraries will motivate struggling readers to pick up a book, start reading, and keep reading. But this series features topics and genres particularly of interest to upper elementary and middle school students. Planned as a three-box set, with books written at emergent and beginning reader levels, this unique new collection contains the books you have been searching for: high-interest fiction and non-fiction selections in sets that include both literary genres and content-specific themes.

Twelve Little Festive Frogs

On the first day of Christmas, one frog gave to Bea, a parcel from a pear tree."" Celebrate the twelve days of Christmas with these fun and delightful Little Festive Frogs.Based on the traditional verse, The Twelve Days of Christmas, this charming version will have everybody singing in the Christmas spirit in no time. This book is an engaging and innovative introduction to ordinal and cardinal numbers as well as counting. With stunning festive scenes, there's lots to spot, see, and say on every page, enhancing language development and memory skills. Let the festive frogs take you to their magical winter wonderland!

Two Can Play

Cat likes to work in the garden digging, planting seeds and growing vegetables. Puss doesn't appear to see the point in gardening-she likes to be in the house sitting around drinking tea. But Puss really likes to eat delicious food, so when Cat makes a feast with her harvest, Puss wants to share. This wry tale about hard work and reward comes from rising star Margaret Sturton.