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Two for Me, One for You

Two friends share three mushrooms . . . who will get the extra one? This witty, warm story about sharing, arguing, and being outwitted is new from the author/illustrator of the bestselling Little Rabbit board books

Two Men and a Car: Franklin Roosevelt, Al Capone, and a Cadillac V-8

He must make a speech to a joint session of Congress that will build support for America's entry to World War II, but to do that he needs an armored vehicle in which to make the short trip from the White House to the Capitol Building. According to legend, the car Roosevelt rode in that day, borrowed from the FBI's impound lot, was an armored Cadillac V-8 built for gangster Al Capone in the late 1920s to shield himself from enemies. Is the legend true, or is it an American tall tale in the tradition of Paul Bunyan or John Henry? Either way, it's an ideal vehicle to compare and contrast the lives of two American men who grew up within miles of one another: one a great president, the other an infamous villain.

Two Sides of an Argument: Speech and Debate (21st Century Skills Library)

There are always two sides to every argument. Advocating for issues that matter to you is important but what's equally as important is understanding those issues from the other perspective. The Two Sides of an Argument: Speech and Debate series provides readers with the tools and strategies to think critically and analyze highly debated topics through an unbiased lens. Readers will learn how to use logic and facts to defend and argue against both stances while also learning how to stay empathetic and civil. Books encourage, promote, and help build social-emotional learning (SEL) and highlight key 21st Century Skills and Content.

U.S. Armed Forces (Bigfoot Books)

From land and sea to space, at home, and around the world, theU.S. Armed Forces defend and serve the American people. Howdo they train? What are their coolest tools and technologies?HereÎs a top-secret sneak peek inside the Air Force, Army, CoastGuard, Marine Corps, Navy, and Space Force.

U.S. Armed Forces (Pogo Books)

U.S. Armed Forces introduces readers to the military branches, their training, missions, and careers. Each title reviewed by a member of the branch to ensure accuracy of text and images. Bright, full-colour photographs complement the carefully levelled text to make reading for understanding easy and fun.

U.S. Government: Need to Know (SilverTip Books)

With the confusing political discourse in today's world, it can be hard to understand the United States Government. U.S. Government: Need to Know will walk struggling readers through key curriculum about the U.S. government including who works in each branch, what they do, and how all of the branches work together. Featuring infographics and SilverTips for Success, readers will review key concepts from the books to reinforce their comprehension followed by test-taking tips.

U.S. History: Need to Know (SilverTip Books)

The past has always shaped the present. Ace U.S. history curriculum with an easy-to-understand breakdown of important historical events presented using carefully levelled text and dyslexic-friendly font and design. This curricular high-interest, low-reading level series also features a final infographic and SilverTips for Success to help readers review key concepts from the books to reinforce comprehension.

U.S. Landmarks (Pelican)  

Early readers will be introduced to landmarks in the United States. Vibrant images and simple text engage and support beginning readers. Each book features Words to Know, Sight Words, and Teacher and Caregiver Notes.

U.S. Military Forces (Bolt)

Daring rescues. Big battles. Secret missions. U.S. military soldiers are trained and ready for anything. In these nonfiction early chapter books, learn all about what it takes to be part of the U.S. military forces and the dangerous missions they undertake.

U.S. National Parks (Blastoff! Discovery)

Put on your hiking boots and get ready to explore mountains, canyons, coastlines, and more! This series takes readers on a trip to some of the most popular national parks in the United States. Along the way, levelled text and crisp photographs introduce the formation, human history, animals, and activities of each park. Special features include animal profiles, diagrams, maps, lists of top sites, and more. Each book concludes with a full-spread list of stats, an animal food web, and a timeline!