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Smart Choices (21st Century Junior Library)

The Smart Choices series gives readers an age-appropriate look at the causes and consequences of choices they make every day at school, at home, and beyond. Each title includes activities encouraging students to LOOK, THINK, MAKE A GUESS, ASK QUESTIONS, and CREATE. Colourful photos embrace diversity and backmatter encourages further learning on the topic.

Smell My Elephant

Everyone knows that stuffed elephants always smell like all places they've been, the laundry hamper, the sandbox, the foot of the bed. But when Fletcher smells his elephant this morning, he just can't place its scent, so he heads off to ask his family if they might know what Elephant smells like. And the answer is sweeter than you might imagine. With simple and expressive illustrations, this book captures just how feircely children love their stuffed companions.

Snow Beast, The

Beast has been robbed! And so has the whole village. Without tools the villagers can't put on their legendary Winter Party, so Beast sets off to solve the mystery. Discovering that a stranded Snow Beast is behind the robbery, Beast has to decide whether to help this odd-looking stranger.

Snowflake Mistake, The

In a palace high above the clouds, a magical machine chugs and churns, making beautiful, identical snowflakes. When the Snow Queen leaves her daughter, Princess Ellie, in charge everything goes wrong and Ellie must hand make each flake!Can she make enough and will her mother be happy that they are not perfect?

Soar High, Dragonfly

Dragonflies are some the world's most beautiful (and fascinating!) insects. And one many children can find right in their backyards! With a simple story, perfect for read-alouds, and colourful illustrations, this scientific look at a dragonfly's life-cycle will captivate little entomologists. Informative side bars are included that let children learn even more about these amazing insects.

Soccer Stars

For young fans of UEFA Champions League action, nothing beats a dramatic game of soccer. This series puts readers six and up into the goal-diving action, introducing some of the world's most popular Soccer Stars through brief recaps of their rich team histories. Highlighting important players and managersùin main text and special callouts alikeùand noting key periods of success and failure, each book presents action-driven photos and a rundown of Champions League titles as it examines the stella

Soda Pop

This classic Swedish children's novel is an absurd tale full of playful nonsense in a world where anything can happen.Soda Pop loves bright orange clothes and wears a tea cozy on his head. He has brought up his son Mazarin on sweet buns and love. Grandfather Dartanyong emerges from his woodshed every morning with a new identity, and Great-Grandfather thinks he is a cuckoo.

Sometimes You Barf

Nancy Carlson tells the truth every kid will come to know: sometimes you barf. And you will get better. Carlson brings her signature illustrations and gentle humour to a scary moment for many kids.

Sound It Out (LOOK! Books™)

The English alphabet has 26 letters-5 vowels and 21 consonants. These letters and letter teams make the sounds of English. They can be used to build many common words for early readers. Each book in the Sound It Out series focuses on one category of English sounds and their spellings. Readers play with these sounds and spellings to build words as they develop their early reading skills.


The fascinating world of outer space is revealed to young readers in this series. From the Sun and Moon, to planets near and far, and stars and galaxies far away, the incredible world of outer space is explored in this introductory series.