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Space Explorer (Pogo Books)

How do deliveries get to the International Space Station? How does a Mars rover get power? Early readers will learn about their world and beyond through carefully levelled text and vibrant, colour images.

Space Science (Torque)

From speeding comets and asteroids to orbiting bodies and beyond, space expands far outside what we know. But there are many things we have discovered about the depths of space. Readers will explore the formation of different parts of space, reasons why we study space, and so much more in a series that is out of this world!

Space Tech (Epic)

Out-of-this-world space technology is on display for aspiring astronauts, Star Wars fans, and general knowledge seekers. Every book puts a spotlight on a different type of space machine to shed light on how the machine works. Let the mission begin with this far-out series.

Space Voyager (Bullfrog Books)

Our solar system is home to giant, faraway planets that are much different than Earth. Explore the features and composition of your favourite planets, the sun, and the moon through vibrant photographs and carefully levelled text. Includes a labelled diagram of the featured celestial body and a picture glossary to reinforce new vocabulary.

Spaghetti Did It!, The  

It’s the 1960s and spaghetti westerns are popular with moviegoers. Steve is hoping to star in an old-time movie about the Wild West, so he’s been practising roping, riding, and doing the quick draw. When he reads that Italian film director Frederico Zefferini is in Las Vegas to shoot his next cowboy western, Steve jumps at the chance to show off his skills. His brother Eddie goes along for the ride because he wants to hear famous Las Vegas performer Wayne Newton sing his hit song, “Danke Schoen.

Spare Dog Parts  

A stumpy tail, mismatched paws, a long, drooly snout and the biggest dog heart that ever beat. In a celebration of what makes a pet unique, a little girl imagines how an odd assortment of parts combined to make the perfect dog. With spare, inviting text from Alison Hughes and charmingly offbeat illustrations by award-winning illustrator Ashley Spires, this gorgeous picture book is sure to be an instant classic.

Speaking Our Truth: A Journey of Reconciliation  

This nonfiction book examines how we can foster reconciliation with Indigenous people at individual, family, community and national levels.

Spectacular Selection of Sea Critters, A: Concrete Poems

What might you see if you swam in the sea? Dive on in to encounter everything from dolphins and octopuses to sea turtles and squirrel fish. This clever book features concrete poems about a spectacular selection of sea critters. Ocean observers and animal aficionados are sure to find these selections sensational!


This series introduces early readers to some of the world's most exciting sports. With simple text and vibrant photos, each book helps readers learn about the sport's objective, rules, equipment, and more.