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Relationships and Responsibilities (Butter Tarts)  

All Canadians have relationships and responsibilities that impact their lives. Whether at school, at home, or in the community, these roles engage Canadians with the world around them. Relationships and Responsibilities offers readers a closer look at how these roles are connected to one's identity, culture, and sense of self.

Reptile World (Bullfrog Books)

Kids know that reptiles rock, so help them build their reading skills while learning about the animals they love. Take a peek into the lives of these cold-blooded creatures as they hunt for food and defend themselves against predators. Carefully levelled text in a narrative format allows emerging readers to enjoy a good story while practicing reading nonfiction.

Rescues in Focus (Beacon)

This series provides readers with an on-the-job look at what it's like to be a rescue worker. With an emphasis on the training rescue workers go through and the equipment they use, this series is sure to get kids excited about rescues.

Research and Media Skills (Information Explorer Junior)

This series presents the tools that readers need to find, organize, and share information clearly and effectively. Each chapter includes activities designed to help readers explore various kinds of information sources. Critical thinking is encouraged as readers research, collaborate with fellow students, and present their findings in new and interesting ways.


It's time to brush up on respect! Take readers on a journey with a lively cast of characters as they learn about respect and why it's important to respect parents, peers, the environment, and more! Engaging side bars illuminate concepts and promote further discussion, while "Respectful Talk" sentence starters and STEAM activities encourage students to explore respect in the classroom and at home.

Responsibility in Action (First Step Nonfiction)

This easy-reading series gives examples of how young people can show responsibility. Simple, straightforward text helps beginning readers understand what a process is and teaches them sequencing vocabulary.


A homeless kid on the run, a car thief who will scale any height and a boxer with a secret life...all seeking revenge on the adults who wronged them. Each of these teen rebels has a specialized skill and motivation for retaliation, bit they cannot succeed alone. Reluctantly agreeingto become a team is the first step in their hunt for retribution.

Rhyming Word Families

Rhyming is a foundational literacy skill. Through simple, engaging text, our Rhyming Word Families series introduces common letter groupings and repeats them throughout a silly story. This repetition allows beginning readers to identify rhyming patterns and start to read on their own. Outstanding original artwork, an introduction to the author and illustrator, and a word list for review all further aid new readers' comprehension.

Riddle Horse, The

In this gentle riddle of a tale, a well-loved horse recounts its adventures and various riders throughout the long years of its curiously restricted yet imaginatively rich life.

Right Now!

The Right Now! Series contains colourful high-impact graphics and cutting-edge design, which adds drama to very page. These 40-page stories, containing no more than 600 words each, are intended for striving leaders who struggle with traditional classroom fiction. The gripping realism of each story draws the reader in but what happens next? The endings are ambiguous—students can debate what’s next in a series of activities designed to further explore the subject.