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Sports All-Stars (Lerner™ Sports)

This high-interest series is sure to score with sports fans, reluctant readers, and report writers. Each title covers a sports superstar and explains how they got to the top, how they maintain their bodies and their skills, what they like to do for fun, and much more. The focus here is on the biggest games, the most defining moments, and the intriguing facts that make these superstar athletes who they are.

Sports Are Fantastic Fun!

Cycling, ice hockey, athletics, tennis... There are many sports and each has its merits: football is great, except when your team keeps shooting and missing. It can make you cry. Horse-riding is wonderful-so long as the horse does what the rider wants. Running, cycling and swimming require agility and endurance. Other sports like ballet are not about speed but strength and style. Golfers have to hit a ball into 18 holes. If they fail, they'll have enjoyed a walk among the sandtraps.

Sports Build Character

Sports Build Character reveals eight empowering character traits that young athletes can build on and off the field. Filled with true stories of top athletes, each title defines and illustrates a different character trait while inspiring readers to live out the trait in their day-to-day lives.

Sports d’aventure  

Avec ces livres, apprends-toi comment pratiquer ces sports excitants. Cette collection te décrit l'équipement dont tu auras besoin pour commenceret les compétences qu'il te faudra développer. Il t'explique également les règles de sécurité à respecter pendant la pratique de ces sports d'aventure.

Sports' Greatest of All Time (Lerner™ Sports)

This series highlights the greatest athletes across the world's most popular sports in a fun, top-ten format! Packed with colour photos, exciting stats, and thrilling action, each book is sure to appeal to sports fans.

Sports' Greatest Superstars

Some of the most exciting performances in sports happen during the biggest championships. This series looks at the greatest performances in events such as the World Series, the Super Bowl, and the World Cup.

Sports Report

The Sports Report series celebrates and explores why we love the sports we love. Each book is packed with legendary history, superstar statistics, and fascinating facts. Full-colour photos capture all the action. A must-read for anyone who enjoys playing or watching sports.

Sports Superstars (All-Star Books)

This series introduces readers to some of today's most famous and most dominant athletes. Each title features informative side bars, detailed infographics, vivid photos, and a glossary.

Sports Superstars (Bumba Books™)

Introduce emergent readers to the lives of their favourite sports players! High-interest topics, eye-catching photos, and accessible text are sure to excite kids as they learn more about notable athletes.

Sports Time! (Bumba Books™)

Get ready for sports time, with these bright introductions to favourite sports. Carefully levelled text and vibrant photos engage young readers in learning about each sport. Age-appropriate critical thinking questions and a photo glossary help build nonfiction learning skills.