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This breathtaking journey along the world's most important rivers tells the story of our planet through cultures, myths, icons and history. From the author of international bestseller Timeline.

Robert Bateman: The Boy Who Painted Nature  

In this nonfiction picture book, Robert Bateman's art and family photos illustrate the story of his childhood.

Robotics in Our World

Our world is filled with even more robots than we think! Readers can explore the various roles that robots have, from helping us in the hospital and at home to the competitions of robot builders. Take a sneak peek into the future of robotics in our world!

Rock Can Be..., A

Rocks may seem like boring, static objects--until you discover that a rock can spark a fire, glow in the dark, and provide shelters of all shapes and sizes. Laura Purdie Salas's lyrical rhyming text and Violeta Dabija's glowing illustrations show how rocks decorate and strengthen the world around them.

Rock Explorer

What are the three types of rock and how do they form? Where was the oldest fossil found? What are minerals used for? Why are gems so rare and expensive? Become a Rock Explorer and discover the answers to all those questions! With simple, easy-to-understand text, these books are perfect for young explorers keen to understand the world around them. Awesome photography captures detailed rock formations, ancient fossils, different types of minerals and sparkling gems, and a glossary page helps expl

Roof Octopus

When Nora hears a soft "tap, tap, tap" at her bedroom window she never expects it to be the tentacle of a very large octopus, but that's exactly what it is--an octopus on her apartment building. The octopus turns out to be a very neighbourly sort of octopus, helping the residents to wash their cars or weed the window boxes, and Nora makes fast friends with him. But one morning, the octopus is nowhere in sight. Has he moved on already? And just when Nora wanted to bring him for Show and Tell!

Roosevelt Banks, Good-Kid-in-Training

When ten-year-old Roosevelt Banks discovers that his two best friends are planning a bike and camping trip, he wants more than anything to go along. There's just one problem-he doesn't have a bike. Roosevelt's parents agree to buy him a bike if he can manage to be good for two whole weeks. How can Roosevelt be good and be the same fun guy his friends want on the camping trip? Trying to be good leads to more trouble than expected-and to the discovery that being a good friend is more important tha

Rooster Wore Skinny Jeans

Rooster is so excited when his new skinny jeans come in the post: the sparkling stitching, a striking gold hue, and the indigo denim, a dazzling blue! But what will the other animals think of his stunning new style?

Ruby Valentine and the Sweet Surprise

Ruby has a new pet: a kitten! But Ruby's parrot, Lovebird, is jealous. Valentine's Day turns into a mess when the animals try to outdo each other. Can Ruby teach her pets that there's room in her heart for two?

Ruby, Head High

Inspired by an iconic Norman Rockwell painting and translated from an original French text, this is a story about the day a little girl held her head high and changed the world.