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What Noise Does a Rabbit Make?

As the sun came up, "COCK-A-DODLE-DO!" trumpeted the rooster, and then all at once the farm rang out with the noises of the other animals. Amid the ruckus, Raggety-Taggle quietly nibbled the grass and wondered just what noise does a rabbit make?

What to Put On? (Cherry Blossom Press)

The What to Put On? series uses a curriculum based approach to get children comfortable with reading. Each book in this series uses a combination of sight words and short-vowel words in repetition to build recognition and confidence. Bold, colourful photographs help guide readers through the text. Text and format is created by Cecilia Minden, PhD, a literacy consultant and former director of the Language and Literacy program at Harvard Graduate School of Education. Includes phonics and teachers'

What's Cool about Science? (Searchlight Books™)

Discover the new, exciting ways that science is changing lives of humans all over the world. Can humans live in outer space? Can science solve forensic crimes? Could robots serve as soldiers? These questions and many more will engage even the most reluctant reader in these high-interest topics, told in lively text alongside detailed photos.

What's Inside?

This introductory technology series for beginning readers allows students to look behind the scenes at their favourite transportation machines. Simple text, cutaway illustrations, and a chronological presentation will let young readers see how machines have changed and improved over time.

What's It Like to Live Here? (Community Connections)

All around the world, people live in many different kinds of environments. From huge, densely packed cities to remote villages, readers will explore the places people call home. They will discover what kind of jobs people do in different locations, what kind of homes they live in, and how they spend their free time. Prompts, call-outs, and questions within the text encourage children to compare and contrast their own day-to-day life experiences with the information presented.

When Dad Showed Me the Universe

Tonight Dad wants to show Ulf something very special: the universe. Of course, they can't possibly embark on such a daring adventure unprepared, so they wrap up warm, gather provisions, and then off they go. It's a long walk, but eventually they get there. Along the way, they learn that sometimes the journey is more important than the destination, and sometimes the biggest lessons happen when you least expect them.

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

Through engaging stories and lively illustrations, readers will be intrigued to learn how dinosaurs adapted and evolved in order to survive during prehistoric times. Illustrated family trees indicate each dinosaur's dinosaurian group, while maps indicate their habitat and range.

When I Grow Up

What do you want to be when you grow up? This series invites children to imagine, learn, and pretend what jobs are like and the many possibilities they can choose from when they grow up. Young readers will enjoy learning about community helpers in this popular series.

When the Wind Blew

While Big Bear and Little Bear are snuggled up for the night, a wild storm rages. The bears wake up to find that the wind has knocked down all of the trees in their forest, they'll have to move. Little Bear is distraught. He loves their home! But Big Bear helps him understand that home isn't where you are, but who you're with. Author and illustrator Petra Brown's sweet, superbly rendered characters and tender story are perfect for helping little ones deal with a move or change.

Where Do I End and You Begin?

A sweetly poetic tribute to the interconnectedness of creatures and the natural world as well as humans and our loving relationships with one another is delicately rendered by artist Monique Felix.