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Art Works

Budding artists will enjoy learning just how easy drawing can be with these delightful books. Each volume includes 14 simple art projects, each presented with illustrated step-by-step instructions. A colour finished model is also provided for each project for reference, but creativity and imagination is encouraged. These titles are ideal supplements for enhancing STEAM curriculums and for maker spaces projects.

Art World

How can you tell a Cubist painting from an Impressionist one? What’s so romantic about Romantic art? In language fit for a young audience and with a focus on developing their artistic sensibilities, Art World introduces readers to major movements in Western art. An eye-catching design encourages close inspection of great works of art, and a personal tone invites reflection on the feelings those pieces evoke. Each book ends with a “portrait” of a famous artist from the genre.

Artist's Studio (Bullfrog Books)

Where do painters work? What tools do sculptors use? You can answer these questions and more with this engaging series. Vibrant photographs and carefully levelled text introduce emergent readers to visual and performing artists working in a variety of fields. The narrative nonfiction format engages readers in the process of creating art and encourages them to try it themselves.

Art's Supplies  

In this delightful tale of the power of the imagination, Art's supplies come to life in the studio, creating mayhem and magic and art! Pastels, pencils, paints, crayons, brushes and markers...everything gets in on the act of creating a mess-terpiece of fun. Chris Tougas's brilliant illustrations and clever text explore the essence of the creative process in a way that children will understand. Kids will want to grab some coloured pencils and get to work themselves.

At the Marsh in the Meadow

There are freshwater marshes in every county of every state in the United States, as well as in every country of the world except Antarctica. And in every marsh, there is an opportunity to view dozens of species of animal life. Written in a rhyming cumulative style like The House that Jack Built, At the Marsh in the Meadow portrays the wetlands food chain, showing how all forms of life, from the mud at the bottom of the marsh to the birds in the sky, are directly connected to their marsh home. A

Auntie Loves You

This touching tribute to an Auntie's love celebrates the sweet bond between an aunt and her little bunny. From tender snuggles to play and giggles, author Helen Foster James and illustrator Petra Brown capture the unique relationship in loving colour.

Awesome Animal Lives (Bolt Jr.)

It's no doubt that animals lead awesome, exciting lives, and this series shares those adventures with readers through clear text, vibrant photography, and engaging graphics that emphasize visual literacy.

Awesome Dogs (Blastoff! Readers: Level 2)

For many years, people have loved dogs for their fun feats and traits. Some follow their noses to track scents while others show off skills in dog sports. They may wow crowds with tricks, and show their loving side by welcoming new friends. This series explores a brief history of each popular dog breed and all that makes them unique and awesome!

Awesome Rides (Lightning Bolt Books™)

This series will introduce primary grades readers to different kinds of awesome cars-a high-interest topic that has plenty of kid appeal. With colourful, captivating photos and clear, lively text, each book covers a different type of car.

Awful, Disgusting Parasites (Bolt)

Tiny critters in your hair. Wiggling worms in your gut. Grossed out yet? Awful, Disgusting Parasites will have readers examining these nasty organisms, including where they thrive and how they impact people. Great books for hitting Next Gen Science standards. Readers won't be able to look away from these hi/lo books.