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Beans and Bamboo  

Beans, a raccoon, spends every night searching for food in the trash cans near his tree. One night in the back alley, he meets a panda who has escaped from the zoo. The panda won’t eat anything Beans picks out of the garbage. What follows is a visit to the public library to research pandas. That leads to a trip to China. Tag along with Beans and Bamboo as they make their way to the panda reserve in Chengdu.

Bear and Bird

Bear and Bird soon become constant companions, spending their days together, searching out berries and watching out for one another. They are only separated during the winter months when Bear hibernates and Bird flies south. As the years pass, their friendship grows stronger. Then one spring day, when Bird returns from his winter trip, Bear is not there to greet him. When Bird finally learns why his dear friend is absent, memories of their time together bring comfort and acceptance. In this tale

Bears Don't Eat Egg Sandwiches

Jack has a rather grizzly visitor arrive for lunch but they don't want to eat any of Jack's egg sandwiches. So what do bears eat for lunch? Jack is determined to find out what his bear visitor eats for lunch, if he doesn't want any egg sandwiches. Through quirky illustrations and funny dialogue, the bear tells Jack all about his lunchtime plans, until they're unexpectedly foiled.

Beastly Biomes

What kinds of animals live in the different environments Earth supports? This book shows how animals, birds, and fish all have a distinctive place to thrive, creating homes in unexpected places.

Behind the Curtain (45th Parallel Press)

Historical events can look different depending on your perspective. In the Behind the Curtain series, readers will come to understand different viewpoints by stepping into the shoes of central characters as they act out dramatic retellings of history's biggest moments. Written with simplified, considerate text to help struggling readers, this series is made to build confidence as readers engage and read aloud. Books in this series include a table of contents, glossary, index, author biography, s

Being an Active Citizen (Pogo Books)

Engaging in our communities helps make our country stronger. How can we get involved? Each book in Being an Active Citizen outlines a specific duty we have as American citizens and ways in which we can participate. Bright, colour photographs complement the carefully levelled text to make reading for understanding easy and fun.

Béisbol! Latino Heroes of Major League Baseball

Hit a grand slam with this new hi/lo baseball series. Profiling the very best of today’s pro ballplayers who learned the game in Latin America, Béisbol! is perfect for all your sports fans.Jam-packed with infographics, stats, and fun facts, these titles will have readers developing critical thinking skills while simply enjoying a fun book.

Bel the Weather Girl

Meteorologist Belinda Jensen introduces kids to key weather phenomena in these fun picture books. Each book stars Bel, a smart, spunky seven-year-old with a passion for the weather, her cousin Dylan, and her dog Stormy.

Benny's Dream Horse  

Benny has a plan to transform an old delivery horse into a galloping steed so he can be a cowboy. When his impatience gets the better of him, things take a dangerous turn. With love and understanding from his family and especially his kind neighbour, Mr. Bekker, Benny learns how to make his dream come true in a different way.

Best Friend Trouble  

After a fight with her best friend, Lizzy, Hanna learns how to see things from another person’s perspective.