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When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

Through engaging stories and lively illustrations, readers will be intrigued to learn how dinosaurs adapted and evolved in order to survive during prehistoric times. Illustrated family trees indicate each dinosaur's dinosaurian group, while maps indicate their habitat and range.

When I Grow Up

What do you want to be when you grow up? This series invites children to imagine, learn, and pretend what jobs are like and the many possibilities they can choose from when they grow up. Young readers will enjoy learning about community helpers in this popular series.

When the Wind Blew

While Big Bear and Little Bear are snuggled up for the night, a wild storm rages. The bears wake up to find that the wind has knocked down all of the trees in their forest, they'll have to move. Little Bear is distraught. He loves their home! But Big Bear helps him understand that home isn't where you are, but who you're with. Author and illustrator Petra Brown's sweet, superbly rendered characters and tender story are perfect for helping little ones deal with a move or change.

Where Do I End and You Begin?

A sweetly poetic tribute to the interconnectedness of creatures and the natural world as well as humans and our loving relationships with one another is delicately rendered by artist Monique Felix.

Where Does Our Food Come From?

How does your food get to the grocery store and to your table? Why do we eat certain foods and not others? This series answers those questions and more, looking at agriculture and geography as well as cultural practices and nutrition recommendations.

Where Has the Moon Gone?

Two little mice love to look at the moon. One morning, they wonder where the moon goes during the day, so they decide to search for it. What will they find—an orange, a balloon, or the marvellous moon? Cleverly placed die-cut holes make this beautifully illustrated adventure extra exciting for young children.

Where I Live (Cloverleaf Books™)

Follow these diverse characters as they guide readers through their neighbourhood, town, country, and continent. Each engaging storyline highlights key features of where people live, and fact boxes reinforce comparisons between different places. Fun stories, charming art, and key social studies curriculum help readers understand the world around them.

Where Is Grandma?

Henry is visiting his grandmother in the hospital. When his nanny has to take a call, he decides to go on alone. He knows Grandma well, after all. But the hospital is bigger than he thought, and his visit becomes an adventure: down hallways, up elevators, in and out of rooms. There are staff, patients, and equipment everywhere. Now Henry isn't sure he will find Grandma after all.

This is the perfect hospital book, seen through the eyes of Henry who finds friends, humor, lots of info

Where's My Tushy?

In one little town (it is sad but it's true),The tushies left town without leaving a clue."What happens when all the tushies in an unusual town decide to take a vacation?

Whiskers Sisters, The

Enjoy lively, colourful, fairy-tale-style fun with the Whiskers Sisters! Maya has antlers. Mia's a cat. And May can't quite talk yet. But they're all family! They live in the woods with their grandfather, the Guardian of the Forest—and they get into all kinds of adventures with the chatty animals that live nearby.