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Weather Watch (Bullfrog Books)

What's the relationship between thunder and lightning? At what temperature does rain become snow? These books for young readers explain a variety of familiar weather phenomena with easy-to-read text and bright photos.

Weird and Unusual Animals

Sea cucumbers? Flying dragons? Students will be shocked and amazed by these unusual creatures! Amazing photographs and informative text provide reading practice and enjoyable learning for elementary readers on eight unique animals. The inclusion of fun facts and additional resources ensure that every curious kid's questions will be answered.

Weird and Wonderful Animals (DiscoverRoo)

Our planet is filled with weird and wonderful creatures. This fascinating series investigates the habitats, adaptations, life cycles, and behaviours of some of Earth's most interesting animals.

Welcome Newcomers

The Welcome Newcomers library is a unique instructional solution that introduces life in the United States to immigrant teens. As these students learn English and adapt to living in a new country, they must learn to fit in socially and academically. Welcome Newcomers gives recent immigrants relevant information supported by full-colour photographs of diverse teens in real-world settings. The program includes nonfiction and fiction books, survival vocabulary cards, lesson plans, reproducible acti

Welcome to the Construction Site (21st Century Basic Skills Library: Level 1)

This Level 1 Guided Reader series explores how machines are used on construction sites. Students will develop word recognition and reading skills while learning about exciting construction machinery. Let your young readers discover the joy of reading for information as they build reading fluency.

Welcome to the Farm (21st Century Basic Skills Library)

This series explores how machines are used on farm. Students will develop word recognition and reading skills while learning about what happens on a farm.

Welcome to the World

A baby's first year is filled with newness and wonder, from the sight of the sun filtering through leaves to the splash of water at bathtime to sweet snuggles with mom. This book celebrates all of baby's charming firsts and reminds us all of the miracles this life holds when seen through their very new eyes.

What Did We Do? (Beacon)

For many kids, it?s hard to imagine life before computers and the internet. Travel back in time with this exciting series to find out where people got the news, how they communicated with friends, and what they did for fun. Easy-to-read text and historic photographs give readers an overview of common technology from the past, while each book?s final chapter explores how life has changed since then.

What Happened?

Crack open a What Happened? book to investigate a preposterous mystery from four different perspectives. See what the witnesses get right . . . and what they get hilariously wrong. Bet you'll never guess what really happened!

What Happens in Winter? (Bullfrog Books)

When the weather turns cold and it starts to snow, kids can bundle up or stay inside. But what do plants and animals do when winter comes? This series explores the natural world in winter through vibrant photographs and easy-to-read, engaging text.