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Stories of the Night

Stories of the Night is a modern fairytale storybook set in the magical illustrations of Kitty Crowther, celebrated worldwide for her children's books, and beautifully written in collaboration with Swedish master Ulf Stark.

Stories with Character (Cloverleaf Books™)

In this series, friendly, story-driven text follows characters with character. Charming art illustrates different character traits in action through the stories of diverse characters navigating the tricky business of being a kid.

Strange...But True? (Bolt)

Catch readers' attention with these striking hi/lo books about popular paranormal topics. These books are great for lessons in evaluating arguments in a text and analyzing key ideas and details. With infographics, first-person accounts, and more, readers will have the data they need to decide if the stories are strange AND true.

Stranger Than Fiction (45th Parallel Press)

Take a look at the world's weirdest stories--stories too strange to be made up! Written with a high interest level to appeal to a more mature audience and a lower level of complexity with clear visuals to help struggling readers along. Considerate text includes tons of fascinating information and wild facts that will hold the readers' interest, allowing for successful mastery and comprehension.

Stubby: A True Story of Friendship

Stubby was a brave soldier, a loyal friend . . . and a dog. From an army training camp to the trenches in France, this is the incredible true story of Sergeant Stubby, the dog who served bravely in World War I-sniffing out gas attacks, catching spies, and winning the hearts of his fellow soldiers.

Sueño Bay Adventures  

The four unlikely friends come together in a mystery involving supernatural creatures, a ticking clock and one angry gym teacher. Sueño Bay: Shadow Island follows the ragtag group of kids as they work together to save themselves, the creatures and Sueño Bay from a darkness that is infecting the island.

Sukkot & Simchat Torah

Fragments of damaged and rescued Torahs from several periods of history are woven together in this touching tale of four generations of a Torah scribe and his family.

Summer Olympic Sports

Once every four years, the best athletes gather at the Summer Olympic Games in tests of speed, strength, and teamwork. Learn about the most popular events and how they captivate audiences around the world.

Summit Middle School

Middle school is the perfect storm of BFFs, frenemies, and mean girls. If you haven’t been frozen out, dumped, or betrayed, then you are lucky. This series tackles the challenging years before high school. The newly forged friendship between Carson Roberts, Emma Swanson, and Mai Pham seems unbreakable. The girls have found a kindred spirit in each other. Together, they turn the tables on the most beautiful bully in Texsun City, Jessa McCain. There are no power struggles between these three besti

Sun Played Hide-and-Seek, The: A Personification Story

Our young narrator has to give a presentation about personification and she's petrified. When a fire alarm sends the class outdoors, a nearby park provides just the right inspiration to save her presentation—and save the day!