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US Armed Forces (Fly!)

Dive into action with the United States Armed Forces while reading these thrilling and informative books. Uncover the history, tactics, and missions of forces like the Navy SEALs, Army, and Coast Guard. With easy text and explosive pictures, these hi-lo books will have all young readers at attention!

US Military

Explore the wide-ranging work of the US Military in this high-interest series. Readers learn about each branch’s history, the types of missions its members do, and the equipment and training these missions require. Short paragraphs of easy-to-read text are paired with plenty of photos to make reading engaging and accessible. Apex books have low reading levels (grades 2-3) but are designed for older students, with interest levels of grades 3-7.

US Military Branches (UpDog Books™)

Explore the different branches of the US Military, including the Air Force, Navy, and Space Force. Carefully levelled text gives readers an inside glimpse at the vehicles and technology used by the military, examples of missions, and more.

US Military Equipment and Vehicles (Kids Core)

The US military works hard to keep the United States safe. Each branch has different tools to help make it happen. US Military Equipment and Vehicles covers some of the most exciting and important equipment used by the military, from tanks and ships to missiles and parachutes.

US Symbols

From the Statue of Liberty to the White House, this series looks at US symbols, what they stand for, and why they are important to the United States. Books prompt students to reflect on what meaning these symbols have in their own lives.

Valentina and Monster

One morning, Valentina spots something strange: a monster selling cotton candy on her street. But Valentina isn?t scared. This monster is friendly and has pink, fluffy fur-perfect for hugs. Valentina and Monster quickly become friends, but tragedy soon arrives. This story of loss and grief shows how to hold onto the love from others long after they are gone.

Vampire Peter

Poor Peter always gets the blame, even when it's not his fault. That's what happens when you're the only vampire in the school.

Versus! (Hi Jinx)

Climb into the ring, and put some of your favourite animals and plants to the test. Could a tiny beetle be stronger than a huge elephant? Could a rhino win against a T. rex? These books pair two very unlikely animals or plants together for an imaginary fight. Readers will have to compare and contrast the features to decide what wins.

Very First Board Books

Have very young children who are just starting to enjoy books? Let Kar-Ben take the lead with our collection of Board Books. These books bring with them fun Jewish story lines with new concepts and colorful images.

Video Game Heroes (Fly!)

Press start and jump into action with today’s most popular video game heroes like Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Lara Croft! Thrilling spreads and exciting, simple text will delight young readers while they learn! Aligned to Common Core standards & correlated to state standards.