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Wanted: Werecat (Crabtree Leaves)  

ThereÎs trouble in the little beach town of Sandy Point. A strange creature locals call WERECAT is scaring away tourists. Mrs. Hill is worried that soon there will be no one coming to buy souvenirs in her gift shop. But that suits her cat, Perkins, just fine. The book also includes a page for caregivers and teachers that suggests guiding questions to help aid in reading comprehension. Downloadable Teacher Notes available.

Warrior: A Patient's Courageous Quest

One young warrior, Maria, prepares herself--again--to battle through a dangerous land in order to reach the bell on the mountain, ring it, and rid her kingdom of beasts. The brave girl faces Serpent Sea, Fear Forest, and Monster Mountain with courage--and help from a few friends. Will she reach the bell this time? At the end of the day's disappointing quest, Maria returns to her hospital bed feeling beat. But her team reminds her of exactly who she is, a warrior. An allegory telling the courageo

Was it a Cat I Saw?

Hannah loves palindromes. She even speaks in them! When Otto the cat runs away, Hannah and his owner go on a wordplay-filled quest to find him. But they, too, become lost. To get everyone home, Hannah will need a forward-and-backward-thinking solution. One thing's for certain: She's found a new friend--and if she ever asks his name, she'll see just how well matched they are. Written by debut picture book author Laura Bontje and illustrated by Emma Lidia Squillari, Was It a Cat I Saw? will deligh

Watch It Go (Cherry Blossom Press)

The Watch It Go series looks at cool cars and trucks that are sure to engage little readers. The series utilizes a curriculum based text to get children comfortable with reading. Each book uses the Whole Language approach to literacy, a combination of sight words and repetition builds recognition and confidence. Bold, colourful photographs correlate directly to text to help guide readers through the book.

Watch It Grow (Bullfrog Books)

Watch It Grow appeals to early readers interested in learning more about how plants grow and the steps in their life cycles. Each title features a life cycle diagram, picture glossary, table of contents, and index. Bright, detailed photographs and labels help readers easily identify each step.

Watch Me Bloom: A Bouquet of Haiku Poems for Budding Naturalists

Mindful haiku poems to help us rediscover our natural surroundings, without traveling too far from home. Some flowers are the subject of nursery rhymes and childhood games while others help us celebrate love, remember our homelands or mark the passing seasons. These mindful haiku poems invite us to explore twenty-four flower species growing close to home, from wildflower meadows to urban window boxes.

Watching the Seasons (Bullfrog Books)

What's your favourite season? Introduce young readers to the effects of the weather each season with these lyrical books. Repeating sentence structures give early readers confidence, while surprising nature facts will make them want to read the whole series.

We Are Brothers  

In this sweet coming-of-age story bound up in summertime fun, a younger brother discovers newfound resolve and joy, thanks to the encouragement of his older brother.

We Love Cars and Trucks (Bumba Books®)

Vehicle fans will love learning about the special parts of their favourite vehicles, from the many different kinds of race cars to the strength and power of a pickup truck.

We the Future

IÎm from the future. We need you. Ever since he learned about climate change, Jonah has dreaded a weather-beaten future where not even his asthma medication can save him. Luckily, a girl from that future arrives just in time to throw Jonah a lifeline. Sunny traveled back to the 2020s with a mission: help Jonah launch a climate strike big enough to rewrite history. To do it, heÎll have to recruit his entire school before Halloween. Why so soon? Sunny wonÎt say. But how can Jonah win over 600 clas