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We Want Snow: A Wintry Chant

In this raucous, rhyming plea for snow, a group of youngsters imagines the cold-weather delights they'll enjoy once winter arrives. From sledding down hills and skating on ponds to building snow forts and snowmen to sharing crackling fires and mugs of hot cocoa, they want snow and plenty of it! The snow can't arrive soon enough. But once the flakes start to fall, are the youngsters in for more than they bargained for? Readers young and old will enjoy this celebration of winter's snowy activities

Weather (Scout)

This series introduces readers to the science behind common kinds of weather. Each title defines and describes one type of weather and explains the process that causes it to appear.

Weather Forecast (Blastoff! Readers: Level 1)

Grab your umbrella, because it looks like rain is in the forecast! In this series, young readers will learn about different parts of the weather and how they can change the world around us. Each title features exciting special features to help readers understand the weather. Diagrams show how each weather event forms, and activity lists help readers see how weather affects people each day. A concluding question helps readers reflect on what they have learned!

Weather Report (Tadpole Books)

Weather is all around us. What is the weather like where you live? Weather Report introduces early readers to weather conditions while helping them develop literacy skills. Vibrant photography and tightly controlled text work together to provide an engaging and supportive reading experience. Weather Report titles include tools for teachers as well as introductory nonfiction features such as labels, a table of contents, and an index.

Weather Watch

From clouds to the water cycle, this series introduces basic facts about weather for early elementary students. Critical thinking questions invite students to connect what they learn about the weather to their own lives, other texts they've read, and the world.

Weather Watch (Bullfrog Books)

What's the relationship between thunder and lightning? At what temperature does rain become snow? These books for young readers explain a variety of familiar weather phenomena with easy-to-read text and bright photos.

Weekend and Zay

Best friends Weekend and Zay seem like opposites. While Zay loves going to school, Weekend would rather stay home and play video games. So when Zay ropes Weekend into a Lego Math & Writing Camp, Weekend is furious. Next thing he knows, he's going to school on a Saturday, helping kids build with Legos, and avoiding Zay at all costs. But as the day goes on, Weekend learns that camp isn't so bad after all, especially with the right partner.

Weird and Unusual Animals

Sea cucumbers? Flying dragons? Students will be shocked and amazed by these unusual creatures! Amazing photographs and informative text provide reading practice and enjoyable learning for elementary readers on eight unique animals. The inclusion of fun facts and additional resources ensure that every curious kid's questions will be answered.

Weird and Wonderful Animals (DiscoverRoo)

Our planet is filled with weird and wonderful creatures. This fascinating series investigates the habitats, adaptations, life cycles, and behaviours of some of Earth's most interesting animals.

Weird Animals (Crabtree Roots)  

Early readers will love reading about strange animals with unique physical features and behaviors that make them wonderfully weird. Each book also includes a page for caregivers and teachers that suggests guiding questions to help aid in reading comprehension. Downloadable Teacher Notes available.