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Welcome Newcomers

The Welcome Newcomers library is a unique instructional solution that introduces life in the United States to immigrant teens. As these students learn English and adapt to living in a new country, they must learn to fit in socially and academically. Welcome Newcomers gives recent immigrants relevant information supported by full-colour photographs of diverse teens in real-world settings. The program includes nonfiction and fiction books, survival vocabulary cards, lesson plans, reproducible acti

Welcome Newcomers Teen Fundamentals: Topic-Based Fiction at Emergent Reading Levels

Developed for high school and adult newcomers who are in the early stages of learning English, this set of engaging fiction books is the perfect introduction to American culture as well as school and community systems. Based on the same 14 themes from the Welcome Newcomers collection (click here to view) but written at significantly lower reading levels, these stories are a great addition to any secondary newcomer classroom. The key to this set's accessibility is emergent level text combined wit

Welcome to the Construction Site (21st Century Basic Skills Library: Level 1)

This Level 1 Guided Reader series explores how machines are used on construction sites. Students will develop word recognition and reading skills while learning about exciting construction machinery. Let your young readers discover the joy of reading for information as they build reading fluency.

Welcome to the Farm (21st Century Basic Skills Library)

This series explores how machines are used on farm. Students will develop word recognition and reading skills while learning about what happens on a farm.

Welcome to the World

A baby's first year is filled with newness and wonder, from the sight of the sun filtering through leaves to the splash of water at bathtime to sweet snuggles with mom. This book celebrates all of baby's charming firsts and reminds us all of the miracles this life holds when seen through their very new eyes.

Welcoming Babies

It's a powerful concept, exploring the routines and rituals of a child's first year in diverse cultures and traditions and introducing readers to babies from tiny Luke, who is spending his first days of life in an incubator, to Kasa, who is being introduced to the sunrise by her grandmother. Nontraditional families--biracial, adoptive, and single-parent--are included. The ways in which babies are welcomed into the world are wonderfully varied yet strikingly kindred. Welcoming Babies is equally a

We're All in the Same Boat

How can groups work well together? What happens when a bunch of animals find themselves in a boat together? Do they sink or swim?

Whale Fall CafÄ

One medium-size whale carcass delivers as much food to the dark, cold ocean depths as 4,000 years of sinking food particles. When a dead whale arrives, the cafe opens for business, and who better than Dan Tavis to show us the bizarre deep-ocean diners who show up? Hagfish, zombie worms, sleeper sharks--this group of patrons is stranger than the denizens of the Mos Eisley Cantina in Star Wars. A fish in a lab coat, piloting a deep-sea submersible, is our guide to the weirdly fascinating goings-on

What a Job (LOOK! Books™)

Some people work at a job in an office. Some have a job in a factory or on a farm. A person's job can be any place, doing anything. A job may require unusual skills and talents. From jobs as professional taste testers or subway drivers to jobs as firefighters and dogwalkers, there are endless possibilities! There could even be one that is just right for you. These books will have you saying, ""Wow! What a Job!"

What Am I? (Crabtree Seedlings)  

This fun series will have kids eager to turn the page. Close-up photos and intriguing clues will have readers guessing what kind of animal will be revealed on the following page. Every book also includes a page for caregivers and teachers that suggests guiding questions to help aid in reading comprehension. Downloadable Teacher's Guide available.