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Yesterday's Voices

This hi-Lo series for teens, features historical fiction and includes a non-fiction summary. Each book concludes with a series of activities designed to further explore the subject. Each story concludes in approximately 1000 words. Each book contains stunning colour interiors while maintaining an easy-to-read open layout.

Yoga for Everyone (Blue Owl Books)

Yoga for Everyone illustrates fun, simple yoga poses readers can do anywhere as part of their everyday routines. Step by step instructions, illustrations, and helpful tips and techniques make each pose fun and easy to learn. Titles also present wellness, mindfulness, and helpful breathing practices to introduce young readers to the basics of the practice.

You and Me

In this illustrated board book, a poem expresses both the joys of a baby and the balancing of attention for older siblings who still crave "you and me" time.

You Are Awesome

This engaging paperback affirms the many ways children can show they are caring. Written in simple, easy-to-read words with diverse, inclusive, and relatable photos, this book helps young children understand and develop their awareness of what it means to be caring.

You Are Important

Kid-friendly stories about self-esteem give warm, fuzzy feelings to readers and listeners alike. Diverse, colourful illustrations and simple words will keep kids engaged while they learn to feel good about themselves, and appreciate others, too.

You Are Mine, Porcupine

With a French name that means "spiny pig" and wearing a coat containing needle-sharp quills, the porcupine is usually not thought of as a cuddly mammal. Unless, of course, one is a porcupine's mother. And who better than mama porcupine to remind her little one of all the wonderful physical characteristics that make him unique, as she helps him explore his world. Rhyme and witty wordplay take readers through a night in the life of a young porcupine, relaying facts about its environment, eating

You Will Not Believe This Story! (Sand Dollar Easy Readers)  

Children will enjoy these outrageous stories that put a twist on well-known characters and fairytale friends. Each book features Words to Know, Quiz, and Support for Teachers and Caregivers

Young Astronaut's Guide to the Universe, The

Prepare for lift-off and let friendly astronaut guides take you on a tour of the universe! Take a closer look at the planets in our solar system. Orbit the Sun and learn why we only see the Moon at night. Explore far flung galaxies, uncover black holes, and discover the amazing technology behind space travel. This series is a fun and accessible introduction to space for younger readers, with a focus on helping them to understand their place in the universe. Stunning photography, fun illustration

Youniverse: The Quantum Kaleidoscope of You

Youniverse aims to inspire a reverence for our fragile blue planet voyaging through space. The lyrical text and simple, childlike illustrations linger on one object at a time, building a mind-liberating journey from electrons and photos through atoms, molecules, cells, and the human body; outward to the solar system, the Milky Way, and the universe; and backward to the beginning of time in the Big Bang. Light weaves through the pages as it weaves the universe together, showing us that we have al

Your Amazing Body (Bullfrog Books)

Did you know your nervous system helps you breathe? Or that your bones make your body's blood? This series explores the role of each of your amazing body systems and considers how the many ways they interact with one another. Bright, full-colour photographs and custom illustrations complement the carefully levelled text to make reading for understanding easy and fun. Includes diagrams, glossary, and index.