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Animal Safari (Blastoff! Readers: Level 1)

Grab your binoculars and venture out on an animal safari! Each book will take beginning readers into the wild where they will learn about the distinct features, natural habitat, and unique diet of a popular zoo animal.

Animal Superpowers (Searchlight Books™)

We all know that skunks spray, tigers hunt, and birds fly south for the winterùbut what about exploding ants, freezing frogs, and dancing bees? Readers will learn all about some unique animals and their amazing superpowers, from hibernation and communication to defense and camouflage, in this fascinating series.

Animal Tag Teams (Blastoff! Readers: Level 3)

The animal kingdom is full of unlikely friendships! From the grasslands of Africa to the middle of the ocean, animals across the world team up to trade food, protection, and much more to help one another survive. This series about symbiotic relationships proves that opposites attract!

Animal Tech

Learn about historical and modern technology inspired by animals! Each book features six animals from a specific environment, from the skies to the seas, and their corresponding tech. Readers will fly with a dragonfly-inspired drone and slither with a search-and-rescue snake-robot, all while learning about the processes and people who have developed these powerful technologies. The series features captivating photos of animals and tech in action, with fun facts, key words, group activities, and

Animals (Scout)

This series introduces early readers to some of the world?s most fascinating animals. With simple text and vibrant photos, each book helps readers learn about the animal?s appearance, behaviour, diet, and more.

Animals and Their Babies

Baby animals are cute, but they're also part of an animal's life cycle. With beautiful photography and engaging, accessible text, this adorable series introduces basic life cycle principles to the youngest readers.

Animals Are Awesome

Each book in the Animals Are Awesome series offers insight into the fascinating lives of some of the world's most incredible animals. From what they eat and where they live to descriptions of different species and how they spend their days, readers will learn lots of fun facts about their favourite animals.

Animals Around the World

Did you know that elephants can live to be 70 years old? Or that anteaters consume up to 30,000 termites a day? With an abundance of fun and informative facts, these oversize volumes provide young readers with a fascinating introduction to the animal kingdom. Vibrant, large-scale photography provides an inside look at animals in their natural habitats around the world. Features such as location maps, scaled-size comparisons, and statistics give readers further insights into the animals' world.

Animals in Danger (Lightning Bolt Books™)

Introduces young readers to endangered and extinct animals from each of the six major animal groups and offers tips for protecting animals and our planet.

Animals Measure Up

High in the sky or deep in the ocean, animals live in all kinds of habitats and travel amazing distances. This beautifully illustrated series of comparisons illuminates how animals have adapted to live at truly impressive heights and depths. A running ruler on each spread lets readers compare measurements.