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Who Else in History? (Alternator Books®)

Celebrate the women, people of colour, and other hidden figures in history and science who are often overlooked. Features help introduce readers to important figures and to hear from them in their own words.

Who We Are

No matter who we are or where we have come from, we are-all of us-the sum total of our experiences. History informs who we are but does not define us. Through our values, ideas, and actions, we shape contemporary life and culture as it shapes us. Through stories from history and contemporary life the Who We Are series explores the many and varied experiences of Asian Americans, Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans.

Whose Poo? (Fusion Books)

Have you ever looked down on the ground and seen something brown? It could be squishy or sticky, hard and round, flat and splatted, or piled in a mound. Eww-that’s poo! But whose poo could it be? Look inside to find out.

Wild Weather

Wild weather is scary, fascinating, and both at the same time. Nature is a recipe of wind, water, and temperature that can transform easily into weather that is not only powerful, but often damaging. In the Wild Weather series readers will learn the causes and effects of 10 different wild weather events that happen around the globe. Then get some tips on how to prepare for them and stay safe.


A collection of some of John Muir’s most memorable and inspirational words reminds us of a shared responsibility and inescapable bond-that all inhabitants of this planet travel the Milky Way together.

Winning the Game (Dolphin Readers)  

Rhyno the Rhino and his friends know how to win on the field and in life. Children will enjoy learning social-emotional skills through different sports. Each book features colour illustrations, Words to Know, Glossary, and Quiz.

Wish & Wander

GROUNDHOG DAY gets a hilarious french twist in this delightful upper middle grade novel about first crushes and friendship. When an eighth-grade class trip to Paris goes horribly wrong, the worst day of one girl’s life keeps happening over and over.

WNBA Superstars (Navigator)

The Women's National Basketball Association is home to some of the most talented athletes around. This series introduces young readers to ten of today's brightest WNBA superstars. These exciting narratives summarize each player's life and career to date, drawing attention to their accomplishments on the court and career highlights, while also including biographical information such as family life and social justice advocacy.

WNBA: A History of Women's Hoops

Introduce young basketball fans to the extraordinary history of the WNBA's Atlanta Dream with a photo-laden narrative of the team's greatest successes. Beginning with the franchise's early years, readers get the highlights of the team's superstars and memorable seasons as well as its playoff runs. A colorful layout drives home the action, and sidebars capture unforgettable moments and players, such as Angel McCoughtry and Tiffany Hayes. Middle grade sports fans experience their favorite professi

Women and Society

Women and Society explores important issues surrounding women today, including sexism, harassment, and objectification. Readers will learn about feminism and efforts toward gender equality. Each volume includes diagrams to enhance readers' understanding of complex concepts, source notes, and an annotated bibliography to facilitate deeper research.