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Cutting-Edge Technology (Navigator)

Cutting-Edge Technology delivers an in-depth look at today's hottest technology trends. Each book explores the science behind the technology, current applications of the technology, potential dangers of the technology, and the future of the technology. This engaging, awe-inspiring series is sure to get readers excited about technology.

Cyber Nation: How the Digital Revolution Is Changing Society

Digital technology now connects people to each other and to all the world's information everywhere, at all times. This is changing the way people meet each other, fall in love, find jobs, learn new skills, take in news and entertainment, and build personal identities. Learn what these changes mean for society now and in the future.

Dancing in the Rain  

While struggling with the death of her beloved adoptive mother, sixteen-year-old Brenna reconnects with members of her biological family, hoping to discover why her biological mother broke off contact many years earlier. At the same time, she is falling in love with Ryan, who provides support while she grieves but has to leave her when she needs him most. Despite powerful feelings of abandonment, Brenna realizes that getting strong physically and focusing on the needs of others might just help h

Dangerous Jobs (Torque)

Most jobs do not involve storms, fires, bombs, or supersonic speeds. Those jobs that do often put workers in extreme danger that could claim their lives. This series explores the most dangerous jobs in the world and how workers train and prepare for the hardships of their chosen careers.

Dangerous Magic, A

In a world where the Catholic church rules England, a bishop is beheaded, and Frank, a rule-breaking forensic sorcerer, is requested to help solve the case. But the mystery is complicated, which leads Frank to break all the acceptable rules. He ends up using his extraordinary skills to perform dangerous magic, like summoning demons and raising the dead. His actions continually get him in trouble with the authorities who threaten to take him off the case, but Frank is determined to solve the myst

Data Geek (21st Century Skills Library)

The Data Geek series supports the curriculum standards that focus on understanding, interpreting, and gathering data. Information in each book is designed to help readers explore all kinds of data and data sources in order to objectively understand data in the 21st century. Readers are encouraged to think critically about the ways data is used in their lives and in the media.

Day of Disaster

In these fast-paced and highly engaging stories about natural disasters, teens face life-or-death situations in which they need luck and quick thinking to survive. While outrunning storms and surviving in the most extreme conditions, relatable characters encounter larger-than-life excitement!

Dazzle Ships: World War I and the Art of Confusion

This dazzling nonfiction picture book explores art, desperation, and one man's incredible idea for saving ships from German torpedoes in World War I. Dazzle ships were the brainchild of Royal Navy commander Norman Wilkinson, who designed the dazzle camouflage as a way to transform ordinary British and American ships into eye-popping masterpieces.

Deadliest Predators

Teeth, claws, power, speed, venom, and an acute sense of hearing or sight...these are some of the characteristics that the world’s deadliest predators rely on for their survival. Each volume in this series focuses on one group of animals (sharks, snakes, spiders, etc.) and then profiles six creatures within that group. How they hunt, what they eat, where they live, and the essential role they play in maintaining nature’s balance are all vividly and accurately detailed.

Death Eaters

What happens to bodies after death? Nature's army of death eaters steps in to take care of clean up. This high-interest science text dives into the science behind how bodies decompose.