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Finding Dinosaurs (Navigator)

Finding Dinosaurs invites readers to explore the prehistoric world the way scientists do—by examining the fossils that have been left behind. Each book highlights important discoveries related to a specific dinosaur, focusing on what the dinosaur looked like, the world in which it lived, and what led scientists to these conclusions.

Flying Hand of Marco B., The

A routine ride in the backseat of his parents' car takes a fantastical turn when a young boy opens the car door window. With the click of the seat belt and door locks, Marco B. is securely tucked into the backseat of his parents' car, heading out on a family errand. With the car window opened to the fresh air, this could be the start of any routine trip. But not if you're Marco B. and most certainly not if you're Marco B.'s hand! As the car travels along and the scenery rushes by, Marco B. puts

Follow the Clues (Science Explorer)

The ability to use the scientific method is key to carrying out experiments,taking measurements, or performing technical tasks. In these books, readersin real-world situations are tasked with following clues and using the scientificmethod or NextGen Science process to find out what happens. Informationaltext presents evidence and facts in the form of clues and side bar details tohelp children develop critical thinking skills. A summary of the situation isincluded to show how each chapter c

Forensics Squad Unleashed  

Tabitha is thrilled to be attending a summer forensics camp, even if she has to go with her sort-of friend Mason. Soon she is learning to dust for fingerprints, photograph a crime scene and take footprint impressions. Even though the camp instructors have set up a ôcrimeö for the kids to solve, Tabitha longs to use her newfound skills to solve a real-life mystery. She's pretty sure a dognapping ring is active in her Montreal neighbourhood, and when her beloved dog, Roxie, is stolen, she convince

Forgotten Youth

Some young people grow up under extremely challenging circumstancesùand their peers know little about their lives or the difficulties they must overcome. The Forgotten Youth series introduces young readers to foster youth, homeless youth, undocumented immigrant youth, and others who struggle to find their place in society. Each volume presents a vivid picture of what these youth experience day in and day outùtheir hopes, their fears, their triumphs and challenges. Details of daily life, quotes,

Foundations of Our Nation (Navigator)

Foundations of Our Nation gives readers an up-close look at the formative years of the United States. Each book offers an engaging description of historical events, along with a "Voices from the Past" feature that delves into a primary source. These books provide readers with an insightful window into the leaders and institutions that have shaped the United States.


Every sports franchise has its face-the star of the show, the player fans can't take their eyes off of, the one whose talent determines the fate of the entire operation. The Franchise series explores these athletes' stories, taking readers into the players' lives on and off the field of play. Learn about your favourite athletes' early days, the challenges they've overcome to reach the top, and the qualities that make them truly incomparable.

Freedom's Promise (Core Library)

Throughout history, activists who have faced discrimination have made significant accomplishments while fighting to secure their rights. Some of these activists and their achievements have become well known, while others are more obscure. Freedom's Promise explores many of these lesser-known stories and perspectives. Readers will discover important events and people who have influenced society, science, culture, and the arts.

Full-Speed Sports (21st Century Skills Library)

The Full-Speed Sports series discusses the science behind various elements and actions of sports. The chapters examine case studies of famous sports moments, explain how the athletes perform these actions, and document the history of how scientists, doctors, and coaches have been working to make these sports safer.

Game On!

The kids from East Grover Lake love to play sports, and they love to compete against their crosstown rivals. They get most of their equipment at Sal’s Used Sporting Goods, where the owner has all the best gear and some great stories about real-life sports legends, too. With all of that on their side, they just can’t lose!