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Downside of Drugs

Todays students have likely heard the advice to “Just Say No” to drugs and alcohol, but many young people's education about drug and alcohol use stops there. Using a highly visual, question-and-answer format, this series explores the life-altering consequences that can stem from drug and alcohol use from the health risks associated with smoking, drinking, or doing drugs to the legal repercussions of drug use. Each title in this series focuses on a different drug, from hard drugs like cocaine and

Drug Dangers

Marijuana and heroin are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Opioid painkillers and synthetic drugs are grabbing headlines, too. The Drug Dangers series examines what is taking place today in connection with these and other commonly abused drugs. All volumes clearly and accurately investigate their effects, whether they have addictive properties, the challenges of treatment and recovery, and efforts to prevent their use and abuse.

Drugs and Their Dangers (BrightPoint Press)  

Drugs and Their Dangers explores the dangers of marijuana, heroin, opioids, e-cigarettes, and methamphetamines. Readers will learn about the history of each drug, its effects on users and society, and what treatments are available.

Duke's Den  

Amelia's world came crashing down when her parents separated and she was forced to relocate with her mother to a new part of town. But when Duke and Gabriella move into the suite downstairs with their menagerie of exotic animals, Amelia feels like she's been thrown a lifeline. Helping care for the animals gives Amelia a sense of purpose, and she's determined to keep Duke and Gabriella's secret. But eventually her mother discovers the animals and refuses to let them stay. To make matters worse, W

Earth's Ecosystems

Each book in the Earth's Ecosystems series offers a glimpse at the different landscapes found across the globe. Filled with facts about the climates, plants, animals, and other features that are unique to each ecosystem, this series is sure to instill a sense of wonder about the world.

Easy to Draw

Calling all young artists! This series, with clear steps and illustrations, is just what you're looking for. Pairing simple art instruction with some of students' favourite topics, such as rockets and planes, young artists will zoom to success.

Eavesdropping on Elephants

Can understanding how forest elephants communicate help scientists find ways to protect this vulnerable species? Researcher Katy Pane and others involved with Cornell University's Elephant Listening Project believe it can. Patricia Newman takes readers behind the scenes to see how scientists are making new discoveries about elephant communication and using what they learn to help these majestic animals.

Ebola: Fears and Facts

What's Ebola? Do we need to be afraid? This short book will take readers beyond the headlines to help them understand the disease. Chapters will cover what Ebola is (where it came from, symptoms, how it spreads), the 2014 outbreak, notable outbreaks of other diseases (1918 flu pandemic, SARS, bird flu), and give information on staying safe and healthy from all kinds of infectious diseases--not just Ebola. This book is meant to inform young readers while also alleviating fears they may have. The


The digital world offers many new career opportunities-ranging from e-commerce and social media to info tech and online gaming. Teens who have an interest in working in the digital world will find useful descriptions, essential facts, and valuable opinions and advice in this easy-to-use series. The E-Careers series introduces readers to various career options within a given field and explores what the jobs entail, educational requirements, employment prospects, and more.

Eek, You Reek!

Readers will be delighted by the malodorous melodies of poems calling out the different pungent attributes of a full cast of foul-smelling creatures.