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Good Story, A

In a world where numbers reign supreme, author and artist Zack Rock imagines a new story for Assistant Bean Counter #1138, who dreams of an acrobatic life full of extraordinary possibility.

Graphic Prehistoric Animals

Millions of years ago, strange, giant animals roamed the planet. They fought for food, shelter, and water. In a graphic novel format, these books are perfect for reluctant readers and visual literacy practice, as they tell the stories of prehistoric animals and their incredible fights for survival.

Great Cities of the World (12SL)

The Great Cities of the World series profiles important cities in a lively, engaging way. The books are not meant as travel guides, but as fact-filled introductions that will give readers a sense of what each city is like and pique their curiosity. Each title will cover geography, history, people, economy, architecture, infrastructure, arts and culture, sports, attractions, food and shopping, daily life, celebrations and annual events.

Great Jobs

What makes a great job? It can be different things for different people. To some, a great job is one that offers deeply satisfying work. To others, a great job is one that pays well. To still others, a great job inspires creativity. Or maybe a great job does all of those things-and more. Teens who are contemplating their career choices will find useful descriptions, essential facts, and valuable advice in this easy-to-use series. Great Jobs introduces readers to a variety of jobs within a given

Great Moments in Media

Great Moments in Media investigates the greatest moments in the history of media. Each book uncovers 12 great moments in the history of television, radio, newspaper, or the Internet. Discover how each became a powerful way to share information. Learn about key players and events that became great moments in media.

Great North Woods, The

In the northeastern region known as the Great North Woods, day dawns with quivering aspens, waters teem with life, forests prowl with predators, and nature is celebrated in rhyme.

Great Tips on Writing

Great Tips on Writing delves into the mechanics of fun and useful forms of writing. From poetry to persuasive essays, each book in this series guides readers through a different writing process. Learn how to choose and research your topic, organize your writing, hold your audience's attention, and polish your prose through 12 step-by-step tips.

Groundbreaking Women in Politics (Voyager)

This series examines some of the most influential and groundbreaking women in US politics today. These books offer a timely look at contemporary issues and the women working to shape the policies that affect our lives.

Growing Up Around the World

Growing Up Around the World series presents a vivid and realistic picture of how kids grow up in different countries. Do they spend hours on social media? Do they share a house with many family members or just a few? Do they go to college? Do they get caught up with drugs and alcohol? Where do they go when they go out with friends? Firsthand accounts, facts, and other insights help provide readers with an understanding of other cultures. Every book includes an overview of the country along with

Guide to the Trades (21st Century Skills Library)

Our homes, businesses, and other buildings would not exist without the expert craftsmanship of dedicated trade workers. In this book, readers will learn what skills and training it takes to work in different trade fields. They will find out what these workers do each day, what kind of education is required, and much more.