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Top Prospect

Before he even enters high school, Travis, a preûteen quarterback with big potential, gets the opportunity of a lifetime when the University of Florida football coach offers him a scholarship. Travis must wrangle with his new found celebrity, his rivalry with a brother who's already part of the Florida program, and a sudden injury that puts everything in jeopardy. This story captures the excitement of youth football while also casting a look at the ethical questions around college recruiting.

Trail of Crumbs  

In this young adult novel, Greta and her twin brother are abandoned by their father and stepmother, and Greta struggles with the confusion and shame she feels after being raped.

Trivia Time!

Readers will eat up these fun and browse-able titles covering mind-blowing facts on everything from sports to technology. They're perfect for curious kids hungry for information!

True Survival Stories (ShockZone™)

This series features some dangerous situations and describes how people survived them. With extreme stats and facts, engaging visuals, and fast-paced, accessible text, this series is sure to appeal to kids who want their high-interest subjects served up with an edge.


Katie's dad has had a breakdown and landed in a mental institution. To get him released, Katie sets out to prove he's not crazy—which means proving that his conspiracy theories about 9/11 aren't as off-the-deep-end as they seem. In her pursuit to prove her dad's sanity, Katie's quickly drawn into the bizarre underworld of 9/11 Truthers, who believe the terrorist attacks were actually an inside job by the US government. Some even believe her dad was involved. But with her dad locked up, it's up t

Turning Points

There are certain moments in history that are so significant that they become Turning Points, moments that put a bookmark in time and cause the events that follow to be measured by a different standard. From assassinations to terrorist attacks, from political revolutions to economic crashes, such times are often fraught with conflict and tension. This series puts each event in its historical context and follows the trajectory of its immediate aftermath and continuing global effects today. A time

U.S. Special Forces

Even the most rigorous training would not prepare young readers for the sheer amount of intel they will uncover about six of the most secretive U.S. Special Forces. Each title covers the chronology of the special ops force and supplements the main narrative with “Force Fact” side bars about such topics as weaponry, facilities, and popular culture references. From historical missions and controversial calls to details about equipment and selection processes, this series aims to inform!


Once you've been in, it's tough to stay out of jail. That's the hard fact that characters face in these gritty modern-day Shakespeare adaptations, which reimagine the classics with contemporary urban language, characters, and settings. With diverse,relatable casts and real-world problems, these stories explore how rough family situations, gang connections, friendships, and love can all be challenges to teens out of the juvenile corrections system. Plot lines and themes closely following the ori


The Unbelievable! series takes a look at some of the most amazing, astonishing, and incredible stories from around the world. Discover the secrets behind what makes the human body amazing, athletes legendary, and animals astonishing. Be fascinated by history and incredible stories from nature. Admire astounding human-made structures, dramatic discoveries, and incredible technologies.

Uncommon Women

Throughout history, society's rules have often tried to keep women in a box. Serious consequences often awaited those who broke out of that box and blazed a new trail. Uncommon Women salutes the women who refused to be side notes in history, and instead, became the stars of their own story. Through their bravery and intelligence, the women in these books made a lasting mark on the world. Some of them found fame through villainy: pirates, Wild West outlaws, ruthless queens. Others—writers, scient