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Snowy Owl Invasion!: Tracking an Unusual Migration

In late 2013, snowy owls started showing up in places no one expected to find them—including Florida. What caused these majestic birds to leave their Arctic home? Sandra Markle engagingly explains the story behind this unusual behaviour by snowy owls in the winter of 2013-2014, and she presents the science behind this "irruption" of owls.

Soccer Champions

Few sports offer matches as dramatic—and histories as rich—as soccer. From gutsy underdogs and dazzling triumphs to bitter rivalries and crushing losses, this series invites fans to witness the world events, last-minute goals, and diving saves that shaped some of the planet’s greatest football clubs. Recaps of memorable matches offer action-packed background, while biographical profiles introduce the legendary playmakers and coaches who earned legions of fans around the globe and showed what it

Social Emotional Library (21st Century Skills Library)

The Social Emotional Library series presents real life, historical and modern stories that celebrate important qualities and ideas like courage, diversity, friendship, and forgiveness. Books include thought-provoking issues and questions, as well as hands-on activities, that encourage the development of critical life skills, empathy, and social emotional growth.

Someplace to Call Home

In 1933, what's left of the Turner family-twelve-year-old Hallie and her two brothers--finds itself driving the back roads of rural America. The children have been swept up into a new migratory way of life. America is facing two devastating crises: the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. Hundreds of thousands of people in cities across the country have lost jobs. In rural America it isn't any better as crops suffer from the never-ending drought. Driven by severe economic hardship, thousands of p

Space Discovery Guides

Inspired by science headlines, this series reveals new discoveries and technological achievements in space exploration. Covering everything from the latest Mars rover findings to recent privately funded space missions, these titles feature up-to-date research and amazing photographs.

Space Exploration (Alternator Books™)

Inspired by science headlines, this series explores discoveries, technological achievements, and exciting research into the final frontier. Learn how scientists look back in time to see the first stars, as well as how they're planning for space travel to Mars.

Speaking Our Truth: A Journey of Reconciliation  

This nonfiction book examines how we can foster reconciliation with Indigenous people at individual, family, community and national levels.

Spectacular Sports

Sports fans will cheer for these exciting titles, which capture some of the most thrilling moments in college and professional sports. From buzzer-beater basketball shots and amazing trick football plays to soccer’s World Cup goals and baseball’s World Series home runs, these titles are packed with action stories. Readers will also meet each sport’s superstars and record holders—and revel in all the fascinating facts every fan wants to know.


Sami's mother disappeared ten years ago, when Sami was six. and the police have always suspected that Sami's father killed her. sure her father's innocent. But when new evidence emerges linking him to another woman's mysterious death, Sami's sets out to uncover the truth. Will she prove her father's innocenceùor will she stumble onto secrets she'd rather not confront?

Sports Championships (Torque)

Championship games are for the best of the best. Teams go head-to-head to prove they are worthy of being named number one. Each title in this series dives into the action of a sport's championship. From the history to the road to glory, they highlight the thrills of the game!