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Real-World STEM

Engineering challenges abound in the twenty-first century. Engineers, scientists, and others are searching for—and often finding—ways to improve life for people around the world. Some are working on providing global access to clean water while others are developing fusion energy or reverse-engineering the brain. These and other topics are examined in the Real-World STEM series. All books in the series discuss what exists now, some of the biggest challenges, and some of the most fascinating solut

Red Bird Sings: The Story of Zitkala-èa, Native American Author, Musician, and Activist

I remember the day I lost my spirit." So begins the story of Gertrude Simmons, also known as Zitkala-èa, which means Red Bird. Born in 1876 on the Yankton Sioux reservation in South Dakota, Zitkala-èa willingly left her home at age eight to go to a boarding school in Indiana. But she soon found herself caught between two worlds-white and Native American. At school she missed her mother and her traditional life, but Zitkala-èa found joy in music classes. "My wounded spirit soared like a bird as I

Red Dove, Listen to the Wind

A middle-grade historical novel set in Dakota Territory of the 1890s against the backdrop of Wounded Knee. Red Dove, Listen to the Wind is the tale of a young girl caught between worlds.

Red Menace

A suspenseful and heartfelt story about an era whose uncertainties, controversies, and dangers will seem anything but distant to contemporary readers. If thirteen-year-old Marty Rafner had his way, he'd spend the summer of 1953 warming the bench for his baseball team, listening to Yankees games on the radio, and avoiding preparations for his bar mitzvah. Instead, he has to deal with FBI agents staking out his house because his parents-professors at the local college-are suspected communist sympa

Rehab or Punishment: What to Do About Drug Crimes

How should society deal with drug crimes? Many people support tough-on-crime laws and harsh sentencing guidelines to effectively punish offenders and deter crime; yet others are not so sure. An increasing number of people believe that rehabilitating offenders with drug addiction and other issues is a more humane and effective way to deal with drug crimes and make communities safer for all.


A homeless kid on the run, a car thief who will scale any height and a boxer with a secret life...all seeking revenge on the adults who wronged them. Each of these teen rebels has a specialized skill and motivation for retaliation, bit they cannot succeed alone. Reluctantly agreeingto become a team is the first step in their hunt for retribution.

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Download the Weird

Ripleys will again WOW! readers with this collection of unbelievable stories from around the world. Download the Weird is jam-packed with an incredible array of crazy facts, stories, lists and interviews.

Rising Stars

The future is now. The next generation of amazing athletes is already taking over, and these young stars are gearing up to take their sports to new heights. Learn about these dynamic young players in Rising Stars. With engaging text, fact boxes, and action photographs, these books will prepare you to cheer on the biggest sports stars for years to come.

Road Trip

The road trips in this series don't go quite as expected. To deal with problems ranging from natural disasters to personal drama, characters have to rely on their instincts and quick thinking.

Robot Innovations

Robots have become a part of everyday life. They help soldiers, aid doctors with complex surgeries, search for disaster survivors, and race through the sky. Robot Innovations studies the unique challenges that engineers and designers face when creating these robots. Readers will learn how they use advanced technology to invent robots that are fun, useful, or even life-saving.