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STEM Smackdown

This myth-busting series highlights the most hotly contested invention credits in history. With the high-energy tone of color commentary, each book presents the race to claim first in creating pivotal inventions from history.

STEM Trailblazer Bios

Read about the life stories and significant contributions of some of today's most accomplished figures in STEM fields. Narrative nonfiction text explores key details from each person's life, often including the pivotal moment that led them to their STEM career.

Stickmen's Guides to How Everything Works

What makes a car move? How does a helicopter take off? How does a hovercraft hover? Take a tour inside all kinds of vehicles and discover how their components work together. Cut-away illustrations integrate with photos and clear text to explain mechanisms such as the combustion engine, a submarine's propulsion system and remote-control drones. Humorous illustrated Stickmen characters help readers navigate the illustrations, point out key details, provide a sense of scale, and share jokes that ma

Stickmen's Guides to STEM

Discover the subjects of science, technology, engineering, and math in an illustrated, high-interest format. Colourful art featuring the humorous stickmen engages young readers as it introduces them to curricular STEM topics.

Stickmen's Guides to This Incredible Earth

Discover the many layers of Earth's sky, oceans, cities, mountains, and valleys in the books in this high-interest series. Filled with both geological and biological fun facts and detailed illustrations, readers will learn about the fascinating science and design of different parts of Earth.

Stickmen's Guides to Your Awesome Body

With clever illustrations and detailed diagrams, this series makes the complex parts and systems of the body accessible, fun, and interesting. Humorous and informative text describes everything from the how the brain tells muscles to move to how the body gets energy from food.

Stories of Art

A collection of creative, illustrated storybooks describing the life and work of famous artists. Readers will be introduced to major works of art in a friendly and fun way while also learning about the artist's life story. A detailed information page at the end of each title summarizes works of art and artists.

Stories Well Told

Every story has its own characters, themes, and plot. But what sets a horror story apart from a romance, or a science fiction story apart from a mystery? Stories Well Told charts the histories of four popular forms of genre fiction, examining their key characteristics, detailing classic literary examples and masters, describing archetypal characters, and introducing writers at work in the genre today. An emphasis on craft and structure will give budding fiction writers insight into how they migh

Story Corner, The

Perfect for reading together, The Story Corner combines heart-warming narratives with beautiful illustrations. Each story features a key message for young children, for example the importance of sharing and helping others. Notes and activities at the back of each book encourage further discussion and fun.

Strange Fruit: Billie Holiday and the Power of a Protest Song

This distinctive, memorable picture book for older readers tells the story of how the racism protest song"Strange Fruit" came into being in 1939. This is also the inspiring story of two outsidersùBillie Holiday, a young black woman raised in poverty, and Abel Meeropol, the son of Jewish immigrantsùwhose combined talents created a truly unforgettable song.