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Style Secrets

This series offers creative, practical, do-it-yourself ways for readers to look their best, stay healthy, and flaunt their personal style. Each book contains numerous DIY activities, along with tips for taking good care of both your body and your style supplies. Examples and idea-starters encourage readers to put their own spin on each book's style tricks.

Suddenly Royal

Ordinary American teens discover that they belong to the royal family of the European country Evonia. Each teen must decide how to deal with the perks and pitfalls that come with royal status.

Summit Middle School

Middle school is the perfect storm of BFFs, frenemies, and mean girls. If you haven’t been frozen out, dumped, or betrayed, then you are lucky. This series tackles the challenging years before high school. The newly forged friendship between Carson Roberts, Emma Swanson, and Mai Pham seems unbreakable. The girls have found a kindred spirit in each other. Together, they turn the tables on the most beautiful bully in Texsun City, Jessa McCain. There are no power struggles between these three besti

Super Soccer (SportsZone)

From the World Cup to the Olympics to professional leagues, soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It has enthusiastic fans, an exciting history, and some of the best athletes in the world. This series will look at huge moments and teams from across history. Each book will feature colourful storytelling that will bring the sport's biggest moments to life. Super Soccer is a can't-miss series for any soccer fan.

Super Sports Infographics

These engaging titles deliver high-interest sports information through a mix of charts, graphs, and other eye-catching "data art." Each book breaks down compelling aspects of its sport into easily digestible infographics. Timelines, process charts, and data-based illustrations help readers visualize information. On each spread, readers encounter a text overview of the spread's topic, then analyze the artwork to gain insights about the sport.


Six teenagers develop superpowers on their sixteenth birthdays. Whether they can soar through the clouds or run faster than the speed of light, each teen must choose how to use this new power and figure out whom they can trust with the truth.

Superstars of Hip-Hop

This high-interest, low-reading-level series tells the stories of some of the leading figures in the hip-hop movement. Engaging and often inspiring biographies of rapper celebrities are combined with exciting full-colour photographs of the personalities at different stages of their lives. A general overview of the roots, rise, and current status of hip-hop is given.


This series looks at how and why teenagers get into trouble. Dramatic, diverse, and empathetic, these titles are geared toward reluctant readers. Each book follows a character at a different urban high school, building to an incident that provokes a suspension from school and then revealing how the experience changes the character. The books also examine social issues including bullying, racial harassment, coming out of the closet, and academic cheating. Suspension titles cover big topics and th

Swoop List, The

A swoop list is a list of girls who have bad reputations in a school or area. This series explores the lives of five girls victimized by such a list. The cast of characters is diverse, and each young woman follows a different path before she's persecuted for being on the list. Together, they find a way to rise above the hateful list.

T is for a Time

T is for a Time uses poetry and expository text to explore the concept of time, from explaining basic units of measurement to showcasing important scientific achievements. Budding scientists will discover what world-famous stone structure is believed to be an early calendar, follow the voyages of explorer Ferdinand Magellan to better understand the International Date Line, and learn to tell time using the Zulu time system.