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When Nature Attacks

Nature can be ruthless. Explore the science behind the worst disasters to have hit the planet, including how they happen, what the environmental impact is, and how technological advancements help to predict and warn against disaster.

When Plants Attack: Strange and Terrifying Plants

Science writer and plant expert Rebecca E. Hirsch presents fun and gross facts about a variety of plants along with explaining the science behind why they do what they do. Featured plants include the Venus Flytrap, an African tree that houses stinking ants to protect itself from hungry animals, a "vampire vine" that sucks nutrients from other plants, and fiendishly invasive kudzu.

When the Sun Shines on Antarctica

Experience summer at the bottom of the world in Antarctica. The sun rises, ice melts, grass grows, seals squabble, whales sing, and young penguins slide, glide, and belly flop. Irene Latham's evocative poems are accompanied by additional facts that provide further details about the animals and their environment. Whimsical illustrations from Anna Wadham complete this charming collection.

White Zone, The

Nouri and his cousin Talib can only vaguely remember a time before tanks rumbled over the streets of their Baghdad neighbourhood—when books, not bombs, ruled Mutanabbi Street. War has been the backdrop of their young lives. And now Iraq isn't just at war with Americans. It's at war with itself. Sunnis fight Shiites, and the strife is at the boys' doorsteps. Nouri is Shiite and Talib is half Sunni. To the boys, it seems like only a miracle can mend the rift that is tearing a country and a family

Who's Changing the World?

Meet people who moved beyond being frustrated by injustice and problems to take action to improve the world. They noticed pollution damaging our Earth, sick or injured people who needed help, and unfairness in schools, and they decided to do something positive to help. The activists featured in this series range from teens to adults and represent diverse backgrounds. Each book includes tips on how to get started as an activist yourself.

Wild Animal Neighbors: Sharing Our Urban World

What would you do if you found an alligator in your garage? Or if you spotted a mountain lion downtown? In cities and suburbs around the world, wild creatures are showing up where we least expect them. Not all of them arrive by accident, and some are here to stay. As the human population tops seven billion, animals are running out of space. Their natural habitats are surrounded?and sometimes even replaced?by highways, shopping centers, office parks, and subdivisions. The result? A wildlife invas

Wild Art Projects

Be inspired to get wildly creative with art. Each title explores a different theme, packed with original, colourful ideas using various media and everyday items. Simple step-by-step instructions and photographs guide readers through the projects.

Wild World of Buck Bray, The

In The Wild World of Buck Bray series, eleven-year-old Buck is the star of a wilderness TV show. He and his TV crew, including Toni Shoop, the cameraman’s daughter, travel to film at some of the most beautiful national lands. And while visiting these sights, Buck and Toni must use their wits to solve mysteries they uncover during their filming.

Wild World of Sharks

Sharks leap off the page in this high-energy series dedicated to the ultimate predators. Full-spread photos and browseable text highlight the most high-interest facts about these marine wonders. Anatomy diagrams and shark-attack survival stories round out this highly visual series.

Wildlife Oddities

Prepare to be amazed when stepping into the world of incredible insects, mystifying mammals, peculiar plants, remarkable reptiles and shocking sea creatures! The Wildlife Oddities series gives readers a look inside the strange, mysterious and amazing world of these living organisms. Experience the marvels of nature and learn the most odd, interesting and unusual facts about all of these living creatures.