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Religions of the World (BrightPoint Press)

Religions of the World introduces readers to some of the most-followed religions around the world. Each book in this series focuses on a specific religion and describes the religionÎs history, the belief system, and how followers today celebrate their faith. Each book includes a graphic that presents key information visually, source notes, and resources to aid in further research.

Remember Me: Tomah Joseph's Gift to Franklin Roosevelt

There he met Tomah Joseph, a Passamaquoddy elder and former chief who made his living as a guide, birchbark canoe builder, and basket maker. The beautifully decorated birchbark canoe that Tomah Joseph made for Franklin remains at Campobello, a tangible reminder of this special friendship. Builds appreciation for history and Native American culture. Includes additional biographical material about Tomah Joseph and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Remote Work: Pros and Cons of the Changing Workplace

During the pandemic remote work soared, forcing companies and employees to rethink the entire concept of work: where it can be done, how it can be done, when it can be done, and by whom it can be done. Remote work has proven to be popular and productive, but it can also be lonely and harmful to mental health. Yet dramatic changes brought about by remote work are expected to continue, profoundly impacting careers, families, and communities for decades to come.


Have you ever eaten rice? Do you eat it every day? Do you know where it comes from? What we eat are grains of rice, called "Gu" in China. The husks of the grains are polished off, and the polished grains are called "Mi."Once those grains are cooked, they're called "Fan." A farmer has to raise all of the rice that we eat. Readers visit a farm and learn more about a hard-working rice farmer?s life.

Rise of the Robots!

From medicine and policing to space and deep-sea explorations, robots are on the rise. In fact, robots are taking over the worldÑbut is this robot revolution all-good? Readers will discover how robot technology is revolutionizing our world and get behind the rise of the machines too when they discover how they are making our world a better place in this high-interest, high-tech series.

Rising Stars

The future is now. The next generation of amazing athletes is already taking over, and these young stars are gearing up to take their sports to new heights. Learn about these dynamic young players in Rising Stars. With engaging text, fact boxes, and action photographs, these books will prepare you to cheer on the biggest sports stars for years to come.

River's Gifts, A: The Mighty Elwha River Reborn

For thousands of years, the Elwha river flowed north to the sea. The river churned with salmon, which helped feed bears, otters, and eagles. The Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, known as the Strong People, were grateful for the river's abundance. All that changed in the 1790s when strangers came who did not understand the river's gifts. The strangers built dams, and the environmental consequences were disastrous.Sibert honoree Patricia Newman and award-winning illustrator Natasha Donovan join forces t

Road Trip

The road trips in this series don't go quite as expected. To deal with problems ranging from natural disasters to personal drama, characters have to rely on their instincts and quick thinking to make it through.

Roads to Family: All the Ways We Come to Be

ExamineÑand appreciateÑthe many ways in which people can create a family. This informative compendium goes beyond the basics of sexual reproduction to examine the diversity of medical and societal methods people use, including in-vitro fertilization, surrogacy, adoption, and more. Through scientific research, diagrams, and interviews with families, author Rachel Ginocchio provides a thoughtful and thorough examination of the possibilities available.

Robot Innovations

Robots have become a part of everyday life. They help soldiers, aid doctors with complex surgeries, search for disaster survivors, and race through the sky. Robot Innovations studies the unique challenges that engineers and designers face when creating these robots. Readers will learn how they use advanced technology to invent robots that are fun, useful, or even life-saving.