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Children of the Past: Archaeology and the Lives of Kids

Footprints on cave floors. Fingerprints on clay pots. A tiny horse made from lead. These are all clues about the lives of kids long ago. Archaeologist Lois Miner Huey pieces together these clues to show readers how children's lives differed throughout time. She examines cave-roaming kids in Western Europe in 18,000 BCE; hunter-gatherer kids in Europe in 6,000 BCE; Iroquois kids in North America in 1,000 CE; colonial kids in Jamestown, Virginia, in the early 1600s; and free African American kids

Choose Your Own Career Adventure (Bright Futures Press)

The Choose Your Own Career Adventure series puts readers right in the middle of some of their favourite places to explore the things that people do there.

Citizen's Guide, A (21st Century Skills Library)

These engaging titles help the reader discover the key role that citizens play in the American democracy. Side bars include thought-provoking trivia, and ask questions about current events as well as the readers' own lives.

Clone Chronicles, The

Fisher Bas is a geeky science genius and the son of Nobel-prize-winning parents. He steals his mother's experimental growth hormones to create a replica of himself. Follow the rollicking adventure of Fisher and his clone!

Code Busters Club, The

Meet the super sleuths known as the Code Busters Club. Together they crack the toughest of codes! Each book in the series complements Common Core and STEM instruction as mathematical and critical thinking skills help solve these mysteries!

Coding (Navigator)

This series gives readers an in-depth look at the code that makes technology work. Through kid-friendly text, concrete examples, and colourful photos, readers will learn about programming languages and the many inventions that these languages help coders create. A focus on computational thinking prepares readers to think like programmers.

Collective Biographies

The life stories of individuals who have distinguished themselves in music, art, literature, business, politics, science, and more can be found in the volumes that make up the Collective Biographies series. Each volume profiles the lives of six individualsùfrom childhood to the struggles and achievements that have brought them acclaim or notoriety. Humanizing details help present a vivid portrait of each person's life and accomplishments. Sidebars and fully documented quotes add depth and insigh

Connect with Electricity

This highly curricular, STEM-focused series outlines how electrical components workùincluding circuits, batteries, LEDs, conductors, transistors, and sensors. Designed to support engineering concepts being taught in many schools, including robotics and coding, these titles cover the basic building blocks that future electrical engineers need to know. Books also include examples of how each component is used in modern daily life, as well as simple experiments readers can try on their own.

Contest, The

Four teenagers in need of money and a second chance are offered the chance to enter a mysterious high-stakes "contest" with a $10 million prize. To compete, they each must do a series of strange tasksùand they gradually realize that they're caught in an elaborate plot that's putting them in serious danger. But who's behind the plot? What's the endgame? It's up to the four "contestants" to get to the bottom of everything....before time runs out.