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Taking a Stand (Voyager)

Taking a Stand offers readers an in-depth look at important social issues in history and the determined individuals and groups who stood up and spoke out. Each title in the series explores the historical context of the issue, the goals of the people taking a stand, and the actions and events that paved the way for change.

Tales of the Mighty Code Talkers

Written and illustrated by Native Americans from various tribal nations, these comics detail the deep emotions of leaving one's homeland to fight in a war far away, the comfort and benefit in finding those who speak your native language, and the pride in knowing you served your country while honouring your people. A high percentage of Native Americans serve in the U.S. military and bring special talents that have aided their fighting units during wartime, including the famed code talkers of Worl

Talking Walls: Discover Your World

If walls could talk, what would they say? Perhaps they would tell us who built them and why. Maybe they could even tell us about people's lives today or about how our ancestors lived thousands of years ago. In this book walls really do talk, and oh, the stories they tell. This new edition combines the beloved children's books Talking Walls and Talking Walls: The Stories Continue. Together, those titles sold more than 170,000 copies. This new edition, thoroughly revised by the author, makes the t

Tartan House

Each high-interest story in the Tartan House line features edgy topics and crisp writing that resonate with today’s upper-grade readers. The brisk but meaty storylines are guaranteed page-turners full of intrigue. Mystery, adventure, fantasy, and more can be found in Tartan House.

Teach Me To Love

I want to learn. Teach me, okay? Show me, show me, show me the way. Gentle verse and endearing photographs will delight young children as these curious baby animals try new things. I want to run. Teach me to run. Show me! Show me! How it is done. And so a puppy runs, all because someone showed him the way. From bunnies to ducklings to sweet little kittens, learning happens on every page.

Team Earth (Core Library)

Around the world, animals work with other living things to create unique and balanced ecosystems. Bees help plants make seeds. Birds scatter seeds so plants can grow. Gophers loosen the soil, letting water and nutrients easily reach roots. Cleaner fish keep other fish healthy by eating parasites. But today, some of these systems are at risk of disappearing. Team Earth investigates the amazing ways that animals help their environments and humans, and shows what people can do to protect them.

Tech Innovations Inspired by Nature

The relatively new science of biomimicryÑhuman industry copying various aspects of natureÑhas already given humanity many practical applications. Among them are improved blades for fans and turbines based on whalesÎ fins and tiny advanced energy-producing solar cells inspired by the shape of insectsÎ eyes. Increasingly, scientists are coming to realize that they can rarely outdo what nature has developed through millions of years of trial and error.

Tech Titans (Alternator Books®)

Explore the histories behind some of the world's most impactful technology companies. Learn about the people leading organizations like Amazon, Microsoft, and others, take a look at each company's revolutionary products and services, and glimpse where each company might be headed.

Technology Breakthroughs

Young readers are fascinated by technological innovation, and the series Technology Breakthroughs explores key advances that have shaped history and society. Each book features 12 of the most influential technology breakthroughs in a particular arena, covering the major players in each breakthrough, its main turning points, and how it changed the way we live. This informative series offers a fresh perspective on life-changing technological advancements throughout history and today.

Technology Breakthroughs II

Technology breakthroughs change history and society when they happen, and they are happening at a faster pace than ever. This series helps young readers gain perspective on developments in technology. Each book covers the context, contributing factors, key players, and effects of a major technology breakthrough. Good STEM connection.